Dave Trenga

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Dave Trenga – American singer, songwriter, and musician. Member of a band “Behind Enemy Lines”.

The group was created at the end of the 2000s after the “Aus-Rotten” fall apart and two of the former members Dave Trenga and Matt Garabedian, created a new band “Behind Enemy Lines” along with Bill Chamberlain (also of The Pist and Caustic Christ) on guitar, and Matt Sachs, formerly of Devastation on bass. Later two mo crew members joinded the team – Mary Bielich and Matt Tuite

Dave at that time was busy with the essays on to a both Myspace blog and Behind Enemy Line’s website. He demonstrated a strong distaste for Christianity, stating “I have never seen such a hateful and intolerant movement infiltrate every aspect of our lives as the current Christian movement in America has” and concluded, “I only hope I see this movement fall in my lifetime.”


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