Davy Rispoli

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Davy Rispoli – Americal guitarist and a vocalist, best known as a member of the Washington origin band “Amber Pacific”.

The group started as a band of the school juniors, performing locally in Seattle, under the name “Follow Through”. The band consisted of Will Nutter, Tyler Peerson, and Blake Evans. In late 2002, vocalist Matt Young also joined the band with Justin Westcott. A year later Tyler and Blake left, and soon replaced by Greg Strong and Dango. In 2005, as soon as the name was set up as we know it now, the group realized the debut album “The Possibility and the Promise”, and the same year Justin Westcott leaving the band.

In mid 2008, group broke up with a Hopeless Records and leading vocalists Matt Young and Rick Hanson left Amber Pacific. Matt left to pursue a career in public education as a principal, in “hopes that can better prepare future generations for what lies ahead.” Same year guitarist and a singer Davy Rispoli, a frequent touring member, was officially announced to have joined the band along with Jesse in the band’s video blog.



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