Francois-Olivier Doyon

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Francios-Olivier Doyon – Canadian instrumentalist, and the bass player of an “official” tribute Queen group “Queen Extravaganza”.

He got his position in the band in 2011, when he heard the word about auditions with Roger Taylor. At that time the band co-founders real-deal drummer Roger Taylor and guitarist Brian May were looking for a instrumentalists, who was good enough to perform, so well they could complete the Queen’s tribute band. So he opt with some video of what he can and got into a second round, the into  Foo Fighters’ studio in Los Angeles, and eventually in the group.

“There were a bunch of people there and they made these, like, small bands of different instrumentalists, a mix and match thing, and we would just play for, like, an entire day, different songs, and they would look at the chemistry and how it all worked between different band members, and that’s how it happened. I got a phone call, if I remember correctly, on Dec. 8, 2011, that I had the part as the bass player, so it was exciting”.  – described Doyon his feelings about the auditions.


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