Gene Gunnels

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Gene Gunnels is known as a drummer and a member of the musical group Strawberry Alarm Clock.  His dad brought him a drumms as a birthday present. After school he started to play that a professional way stack of 45rpm records on the player, and learn all the drum parts of all the popular songs of that time.

After some time a band “Ravens” appeared, which he formed with his friend Ken.After that Gene joined a country & western band, Lonnie and the Legends. At Hoover High School in Glendale, he formed a band with Gary Lovetro, Steve Rabe and Mike Luciano. Steve left and Ed King joined. The name of the original band was the Quaker Oats. But the gang realized that they couldn’t keep that name for very long (due to the cereal company). The British invasion was in full swing, so the name was changed to Thee Sixpence. Pinstripe suits, Beatle boots and all. The band played extensively in Santa Barbara, in pizza joints and such, covering songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, the Animals, the Standells, the Music Machine and so on.


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