Jorge Alves Barcelos

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Jorge Alves Barcelos – Itumbiarian singer and musician, known to be a co-founder of the Brasilian duo “Jorge & Mateus”. The duo was originally formed in the birthplace of the Jorge and Mateus Itumbiara,in the interior of the state of Goiás, from where those to start their career, and up to now have sold an average of 6 million copies. And the overall sold out is hit more than 90 million copies.

Considered the main sertaneja duo of today, whether by repertoire, billing or public, are responsible for many of the great successes of the so-called “Sertanejo Universitário” as “Soon I”, “I Love Night and Day”, “Calma”, “Nocaute” , “Flower,” “Here I Was,” “Time is Now,” “Flap Kiss,” “I’m Going to Do It,” “I Want You,” ” Two Halves, “While There Are Reasons,” “Wanting to Love You,” “Your Astral,” “What’s in It,” “People Do not Stay,” “Cowardly Love,” “Rain, Time “,” Mysteries “,” Angels Sing “,” I Saw “,” Forever With You “,” Crazy of Saudade “,” Paredes “,” Correct Measure “besides the re-recording of” Amor Resumar “.

Currently his songs are among the most played on Brazilian radio, also among the most accessed and downloaded on the internet, leading the ranking of the artists most accessed on the largest music portals in the country. The pair, also together with João Bosco & Vinícius and João Neto & Frederico, are precursors of the university sertanejo in Brazil.


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