Josh Hallbauer

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Josh Hallbauer – American singer and the leading vocalist of the band “Radical Something”. The group was originally formed in California in 2011. In fact, that’s an independent trio composed of Loggy (Alex Lagemann), Josh Hallbauer (Josh Cocktail), and Michael Costanzo (Big Red).

Costanzo while attending UC Berkeley – was on the football team. He began his music careers recording hip-hop songs in his college apartment; Costanzo was a DJ.  In their first session together, they wrote the song “Be Easy” and uploaded an acoustic video of the record to Costanzo’s YouTube page.  The trio spent 2 weeks at a home studio in Boca Raton, Florida, finishing 7 songs, and ultimately deciding to form the band, Radical Something.

The newly formed group finished 8 more songs in the following months, and released their debut album “We Are Nothing” on September 20, 2011. Led by singles “Be Easy”, “California”, “Escape” and “Long Hair Don’t Care”, We Are Nothing, was downloaded over 50,000 times and reached #9 on the iTunes Alternative Albums chart.



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