Larry Parypa

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Larry Parypa is a guitarist in the American garage rock band from TacomaWashington called “The Sonics” The band was originally founded 1960 when ten-year-old Larry was encouraged a lot with his music-loving parents. The very first line-up included Parypa, drummer Mitch Jaber, and guitarist Stuart Turner; Parypa’s brother Jerry, who briefly played saxophone, as well as their mother playing on the drumms. A year later the bass player of the band become Andy’s older brother and Tony Mabin took over as their new saxophone player.

Local star Ray Michelsen eventually become a bands singer, right after he sings in several other bands. In the same time, Larry started to seek for the new drummer to replace Dean, who he felt was uncommitted to the band.  Ray Michelsen was looking to leave the band, so the Parypas hired Bennett, Roslie, and Lind, and let their previous saxophonist Mabin go. With Roslie as a lead singer, the band started to develop on local venues as Red Carpet and Olympia’s Skateland  

Early in 1965 Etiquette released the Sonics’ debut LPHere Are The Sonics, which was produced at Audio Recording in Seattle, Washington with famed Pacific Northwest recording engineer Kearne Barton. It was recorded on a two-track tape recorder, with only one microphone to pick up the entire drum kit. 


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