Laura Carolyne Joyce Myers

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Laura Carolyne Joyce Myers is one of the Radio Disney Stars, as well as the trio singer of the PureNGR group. That was formed back in 2006 in Nashville, Tennessee. At those times Caroline (Caroline Grace Elizabeth Williams) and Carolyne, met at first while attempting similar dance classes. Soon the last of the team (Jordan Ryan Yates), got in and they participated in auditions held by their management company. After winning, they signed with Fervent Records and started writing songs.

In 2008 they realized their first album and soon after the remix album got out under the name “ReNRGized”. The band described it as “very eccentric but still having the same kinda music style.”

In the middle 2009, the band realized another album, and finally in 2010 their officially last record Graduation: The Best of pureNRG. Their mission was to “entertain educate and promote Christian values to young people. Using wholesome and uplifting lyrics in our music and with music and dance in order to provide positive role-models and we just really hope that we can showcase that being a child of God is just really so awesome and nobody can ever take that away from you no matter what happens and that’s just the whole reason that we get up on stage and perform for everybody and they really hope that we can get that message across through our music.”

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