Mizuho Lin

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Half Brazilian-Polish, half Taiwanese, Muziho was born in Brazil in March 1990. At this moment of time, she is a leading vocalist of the metal band Semblant. Muziho has a bachelor degree in Opera Singing (2013).


Her joined Semblant in 2010, while the band was touring with the album Last Night of Mortality. Her first performance and recording was on the 2011 EP “Behind The Mask”. The latest album of the Semblant called Lunar Manifesto (2014).
Muziho was a guest musician during Warrel Dane’s (US) 15th Anniversary of Dead Heart In A Dead World (Brazilian tour).She also performed live with Moonspell (Portugal) for their Road To Extinction tour, joining them in Curitiba.


Also, she was a for the Evergrey (SW), recording the Portuguese intro for their album Hymns For The Broken, and for the band Ankhy (Brazil) recording their single All Men Must Die.

Lunar Manifesto

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