Nao Kawakita

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Nao Kawakita, simply known as Nao – Japanize drummer, and back up vocalist, of a nu-metal band “Maximum the Hormone”. In fact, she is a cofounding member of the group, alongside with  Daisuke Tsuda. Her drumming is heavy with the band’s sound, while her vocals are light and pop-styled thus she primarily being a drummer throughout the band’s activity.

Also, she recruited her brother Ryo Kawakita to play guitar after Sugi and Key left the band. Nao’s vocals greatly contrast from the vocal delivery of frontman Tsuda, allowing for a blending of both metal and pop-punk, helping to create the band’s distinct sound.

Other memorable moments, is hosting weekly radio of the group, in which Noa took part in, until its finish on March 26, 2009. 

Nao, along with Tsuda, normally wears glasses, but is not seen wearing them during PVs or live performances.


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