Nick Hartkop

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Nick Hartkop is known as a frontman, guitarist, singer, and musician of a local indie punk band, McCafferty. The band gained a great popularity during the past year, as the sound of it is like “a fresh air, while presenting strong meaning behind their lyrics”. Group consists of a Nick Hartkop leading with vocals and rhythm, Evan Graham shredding the lead guitar, Chris Joecken electrifying the bass and Wes Easterly smashing the drums.

Originally the band was formed around the upbeat acoustic guitar and bleak, often narrative lyrics, which was a great love of Nick. That personal touch can be attributed to the band’s “somewhat alternative and folky but still dancey” sound. The group name was generally born out of on of Hartkop’s personal friends named Ryan McCafferty. He told Nick about his broking up with the girl when he moved away to the college, and what a big mistake he made as seven years later he still in love with her. And Nick was really n to an expressing all those stories public, n a manner where people could lose themselves and dance and laugh and cry and have fun. Writing people’s stories has garnered the attention of not only kids at their computers but of some of Hartkop’s favorite musicians as well.


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