Patricia Lynn “Pat” Sylvers

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Patricia Lynn ‘Pat” Sylvers – American R&B/Soul singer, member of “The Sylvers”, originally appeared in Los-Angeles, California. The Sylvers were one of the most popular acts during the 1970s, recording the hit singles “Fool’s Paradise”, “Boogie Fever” and “Hot Line”. Prior to becoming the Sylvers, the four eldest members (Olympia, Leon, Charmaine, and James) recorded as the Little Angels, appearing on shows such as Make Room for Daddy and You Bet Your Life, and opening for such acts as Johnny Mathis and Ray Charles.

During this time, two singles were released: “Santa Claus Parade” b/w “I’ll Be a Little Angel” on Warwick Records (United States) and “Says You” b/w “Olympia” on Capitol Records.


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