Randy Seol

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Randy Seol – a professional singer, drummer, and multi-instrumentalist, best known with his part into a California origin, psychedelic rock band “The Strawberry Alarm Clock” formed in 1967. 

The history of the band started when two parts of the different bands, that fall of (“Thee Sixpence” and “Waterfyrd Traene“), morph into a something else called  “The Strawberry Alarm Clock”. The group originally named Thee Sixpence initially consisted of Ed King (lead guitar, vocals), Michael Luciano (vocals), Lee Freeman (rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals), Gary Lovetro (bass), Steve Rabe (guitar, vocals) and Gene Gunnels (drums). Randy Seol (drums, vibes, percussion, vocals) and Mark Weitz (keyboards, vocals) joined to replace the departing Gunnels, Rabe and Luciano just as the name change to Strawberry Alarm Clock (SAC) was occurring. Also Seol brought back some of the songwriters as Bunnell and Steve Bartek, whom then took part ito a creating a first known album of the group

Seol played at various times with the group. Gene Gunnels drummed on “Incense,” but Seol sang backup on the single and replaced Gunnels as the drummer on the album of the same name (the song’s 16-year-old lead singer was a stand-in who never joined the group).


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