Terry Stirling Jr.

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Terry Stirling Junior can be for sure called a Drummer of a Day. He is best known for the drums parts alongside with Lit, Rufio and lots of others. During 2010-2014 Terry spent being seen on numerous rock festivals all over the world, as well as sports events introducing terminally ill kids to their favorite bands, artists, and athletes through a charity called Living The Dream Foundation.

Back in his childhood, his parents presented him with a toy drum station and from that time little Terry was never seen without sticks. As one of the earliest experiences in stage playing was performed right in his garage with his first punk/rock band SIA. Later Terry’s first record label release was with a band called Drive A. That album was produced by Dennis Hill and partly by Matt Sorum – two big influences. He recorded an album called ‘Anybody Out There’ with a band called Rufio. I’ve toured/played with Drive A, Rufio, Fenix Tx, Viceroy, ETR, & Lit.

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