Wally Nightingale

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Warwick Alan “Wally” Nightingale – English guitarist, notable in English pop music history as the founder of the band that went on to become The Sex Pistols

Alan was born in West Kensington, in London. His formal education was at  Christopher Wren Boys’ School, in Shepherd’s Bush, where he met Paul Cook and Steve Jones, who were also pupils.

Later in 1972, as soon as the school years was backstage, Nightingale told Cook and Jones, started their very own band “The Stand”. Jones was the singer, Nightingale played guitar, and Cook was the drummer. Jones and Nightingale were totally on to some high-quality instruments and equipment from professional headline musical acts (including Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie) by breaking into clubs where they were slated to perform.

After the Nightingale left the band, it was renamed to a “QT Jones & his Sex Pistols”, but over the time it was shortened to a legendary “Six Pistols”. McLaren began looking for a new singer, and settled on John Lydon, who frequently hung around his shop. The Sex Pistols played their first gig on 6 November 1975, six months after Nightingale’s departure.

  • Roles:
  • Genres:
  • Members of:Sex Pistols
  • Instruments:Guitar
  • Birth name:Warwick Alan Nightingale
  • Born:3 January 1956
  • Origin:London, England
  • Years active:1972–1975, 1981, 1995
  • Died:6 May 1996 (aged 40)
  • Associated acts:The Strand, The Swankers, The Sex Pistols, Key West


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