Rogue RM 100a Overview: Mandolin for Beginners

The model in question sounds almost as good as a mandolin that costs twice as much. The Rogue mandolin is made of laminated wood and has generic tuners.

Rogue RM 100a A style mandolin

Today the mandolin is one of the musical instruments used in various musical genres, such as bluegrass, popular and even classical music. It is one of the double string musical instruments. The number and type of mandolin strings has varied with time and place, but the predominant configuration at the present time is Neapolitan mandolin, with four double strings tuned like the violin (sol-re-la-mi). The strings of the mandolin are usually pressed with a pick or plectrum; however, the fingers can also be used. The soundboard can be concave or flat.

ModelRatingNumber of stringsWeightOur topCheck
1Rogue RM 100a 82.9 pounds1 Check

Rogue RM 100a
Number of strings8
Weight2.9 pounds
Our top1
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The mandolin is characterized by emitting a peculiar and nostalgic sound with a special soft tone, but at the same time sparkling. Its distinguished sound makes it very popular in some rock bands and experimental ensembles. When the mandolin is tuned to Mi it can emit clearer sounds, with a more nostalgic cigarette, but when tuned in Sol it can generate more extensive sounds, ideal for Rock groups.


However, playing the mandolin is not as complicated as it seems, but mastering it perfectly can take a long time. Acquire the right mandolin! Mandolins have been around for many years and over the years new styles have been incorporated. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right one for you, simply choose the one that suits your preferences. Currently there are several types of mandolin, in the style A and F. Some are for exclusive use for classical music and others for rock.

The Rogue RM-100A is a traditional A-model mandolin. It is gorgeous 8-string mandolin, easy to play.

  • With Rosewood Bridge and fingerboard finger board and stainless steel chain, the sound of the mandolin is really nice;
  • Exquisite workmanship, the body is made of high quality basswood;
  • 12th-fret neck joint;
  • The tuners are made of chrome plated metal, anti-corrosion and easy to clean;
  • Nickel-plated frets;
  • F holes;
  • Sanberst finish.

With an easy-to-play neck and adjustable bridge, the mandolin is perfect for beginners and music lovers.

This mandolin is not supplied with a case or other extra accessories. The sound is not the best but for an amateur it will have a decent sound revealing a good student mandolin. If you want advice, you can use strings with a larger caliber to get a fuller sound. For what it costs the Rogue RM-100A is a beautiful mandolin but a professional is definitely looking for something else.

Tip:NOTE: Sanberst finish is characterized by a large bright color area in the middle of the top deck gradually darkening as you move away from the center. On the edges of the deck is painted, usually black (about 3-4 cm).
It is a low priced mandolin
Easy to play
It is perfect for beginners and music lovers
The tuners are serviceable
It seems to be built fairly well
This mandolin is not supplied with a case or other extra accessories
This instrument in laminated

Terminology of the mandolin

The mandolin is the ideal instrument to add to a song that feeling of old, the only problem is that it is not easy to find the right model as there are many and with various prices, each with pros and cons.

This little guy sounded good right out of the box! All I did was lower the bridge to it’s lowest setting using the adjustable screws on it, and tune it up. The video is as is with no string change either. Bought this directly from Musician’s Friend along with the black guitar in a pack for $80. Free shipping too. Unbelievable deal. Five years or so ago I had a Johnson Savannah F style that cost me $200. That thing was total crap compared to this little $40 mando. I can’t believe it but it’s true. The QC for this is better than any chinese instrument I’ve seen. The guitar too. With just a touch of setup the guitar is awesome too.

There are 3 types more or less standard of mandolins, but then there are enough variations throughout the world:

  • Italian Mandolin: with a long teardrop shaped box, oval on the back, it normally alternates the color of the sheets that make it up. It is in disuse frankly and it is difficult to find them outside of Italy.
  • Mandolin Folk: cedar and fir woods are used for the front cover and rosewood, mahogany and walnut for the sides and back cover. The mouth is rounded to increase the resonance of the instrument. The Brazilian bandolines and the Irish mandolins are good examples of this type.
  • Mandolin Bluegrass: they have a great diffusion at present. They have their origin in the first models manufactured by Gibson in the nineteenth century.

Depending on the shape of the body, they are classified into 2 subtypes:

  • Style A mandolin has a teardrop shape and does not have the F-style mandolin parchment.
  • F-Style or Florentine style: An F-style mandolin has a parchment but in terms of construction it is very similar.

There are models with the Carved Top and those pressed by a machine that gives it shape using heat and pressure. The latter is cheaper and has a lower quality sound. The term “arched back” indicates that the mandolin does not have a level on the back (the part that leans on the stomach), but will have a bow by concentrating the energy from the strings instead of letting them bounce on the instrument body.

Considering the type of resonance holes, they are classified into 2 other subtypes:

  • F holes: the sound holes resemble a small letter “f”.
  • Oval hole: they have a single large sound hole and oval or round, similar to the guitar. Logically, they have a greater depth of sound.

Many American mandolins cost at least $1,500 because building a quality mandolin requires a lot of work. So many would ask an economic mandolin is bad? Surely an economic mandolin cannot be compared to a professional mandolin but has advantages, for example the ability to switch to other models to experiment with other types of sound.

Which mandolin to buy?

If you need to spend at least 500 Euros for a good guitar, if you want a quality mandolin you have to spend at least 1000 Euros unfortunately because it is a niche instrument and since they are not produced in large quantities, the production costs go up, consider that since it is a small and more difficult to construct.

Obviously we do not want to make you spend more than 1000 Euros for a mandolin; we are here to find good economic alternatives. A solid wood mandolin sounds better than a mandolin made of laminate. In addition, in the range of 200 to 600 Euros, every euro counts, then carefully analyzed the characteristics. Also do not fix yourself by buying an F-style mandolin if you cannot buy a nicer instrument. The scroll on a mandolin only serves to get a nice aesthetic by increasing the cost, which you can avoid.

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    I am a small fan of mandolin, but I can say one thing that when I first tried to play the mandolin at a party with my friend, I immediately fell in love with this musical instrument. I do not consider mandolin as the main occupation, but it seems to me that if you like exotic musical instruments, then playing mandolin can become your good hobby.
  2. Not a fan of playing mandolin actually but this particular is good! Not just good perfect, to say the truth, and a fortune for those who are making their first steps in playing out

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