Semi-acoustic Electric Guitar Ibanez AS73G review: unites both jazz players and rockers

The Ibanez products are the result of a long-term cooperation of the company with a plenty of famous jazz-stars such as George Benson, marvelous John Scofield, brilliant Pat Metheny. Creating hollow-body guitars made the company the world pioneer in this very market. Yes, the guys really can make the great guitars!

Ibanez introduced The Artcore collection in 2002. It is a separated legal part of the firm which successfully debunks all the myths about what guitar should be – half hollow or hollow. For the last ten years this company has become the hollow-body choice for all musicians. The specific know-how of the company, bold design solutions and a passion for warm, saturated tones form the basis of the guitar creating concept.

The combination which works at any times: quality workmanship, beautiful appearance and exceptional tone with real affordability, has won hearts of fans from diverse genres such as blues, country, rock and jazz.

Ibanez Artcore AS73G is equipped with 6 strings which have the factory thickness in the range 010 – 052.

Guitar features

The guitar is produced in a maple semi-hollow body; it has a Mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. It is featuring a fixed bridge, Quick Change III tailpiece and 22 medium frets, the length of the scale is 24.7 inches. Two passive ceramic pickups on the neck and the bridge are mounted into sustain block which gives increased sustain  and you don’t feel the feedback. The fret #17 opens comfortable access to higher notes.

The AS73G gives you a huge, full tone and well-balanced output. Warm-sounding is the Artcore trademark. You can use this guitar in any music genre.

Ibanez Artcore AS73G will please you with the affordable price, high quality, clear tone colors and great work with all the effects which you expect from Ibanez.

A magnificent set of wood: maple, rosewood, Mahogany, allows you to enjoy a unique quality playing. Frets markers are made in the rectangular shape. Excellent volume and tone control system. The toggle switch can be put in 3 positions, 2 volume and 2 timbre controls provide convenient operation.

Want to get soft, vintage rock sound? Choose this guitar!


According to lots of reviews this guitar does not require any special tuning, just take it out of the package and go ahead! It is ideal for classic rock and punk, as well as for playing light metal, blues and funk. We found some reviews that told that this guitar is better than a Stratocaster.

On the whole, it is a great intermediate guitar that can serve you for a long time.


Ibanez  AS53TKF

The average price for this guitar is about 300-350 $. If you want to feel the expanded tonal range, or being an acoustic player, you want to feel more electric, this guitar will help you in both cases in an affordable way. You will get all classic sounds of the semi-hollow guitar.

The instrument has warm tone of the AS53, two humbucker pickups (Infinity R) which are mounted in wooden solid block.

This hollow-body Artcore Vintage guitar has maple base with 36,83 cm width and 6.67 cm depth. It has a Mahogany neck, antique chrome hardware and rosewood fretboard (rad. 305 mm) with binding. Inlays of white block plus 22 medium frets, two classic elite standard humbuckers are usual for Ibanez. It is also equipped with:

  • ART-1 bridge;
  • Scale of 628 mm; nut width: 43 mm;
  • Quick change III tailpiece.

Ibanez AM53-SRF Artcore Electric Guitar

According to the customers’ reviews this guitar has a comfy neck which is not thin or thick. Also the tuners are ok. There are some complains about color as it is presented like the transparent black but in the real life it turned to be more brown than black.

The guitar provides good tones but it gets twangy when you put tone knob on two. You can set it up lower. Some country passages will have impressive sounding.

  • Mahogany neck;
  • Hollow body: Sapele;
  • ART-St bridge and tailpiece ;
  • Fretboard: Rosewood;
  • Scale of 628 mm;
  • 22 medium frets;
  • 2 Infinity humbuckers;
  • Chrome hardware.

Fender SQ Vint Modi 72 Tele Thin NAT

Lacquered fretboard is very simple when playing. F-hole makes it pleasant and easy and wide-range Fender sensors are very versatile as a lot of musicians use this guitar in almost all styles.

This thinline semi-hollow guitar with ash body is made in the vintage style, has a string tele-bridge, 42 mm nut and a 648 mm scale.

The strings can be replaced, for example, with D’Addario, as the original ones are not really so good. The guitar gives pure tones; if you like chords, jazz, indie rock, it will suit you.

A thin body provides a large number of thin vibrations, but you can also extract some furious sounds. Take a look at its Characteristics:

  • Modern C-profiled neck;
  • Maple fretboard;
  • 2 Wide Range humbuckers;
  • Medium jumbo frets (21).
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