Single-tasking Epiphone Tom Delonge Review — The Beauty of Dirty Sound

Do you want to input a bit of punk rock in your life? Take a look at Epiphone ES-333 – it is created in accordance with the requirements of Tom Delone – the famous guitarist of iconic punks Blink-182. This affordable for all of us Epiphone ES 335 Tom Delonge version really can be interesting among all real punk rockers.

This cool new model is made in semi-hollow design, has well-laminated maple top, back, and rims and offers the natural humbucker power from Gibson Dirty Fingers (US). This is a unique model with the signature of a celebrity at the headstock’s back. The central block is made of mahogany to provide reliable sustain. This part is “wrapped” into laminated maple case. The solid flywheel neck is attached to fret number 17.

Tom Delonge Epiphone – the main specs

The guitar comes with single-ply binding on its top and back. Tom Delonge Epiphone is completed with chrome hardware, medium jumbo frets (22) and it comes with Tune-O-Matic bridge and stopbar tailpiece.

The company Epiphone has long been known for its original semi-hollow guitars of solid quality since 1950s. They were designed in Kalamazoo, became favorite ones among many musicians for their elegant design and a wide range of bright timbre combinations. Tom Delonge signature Epiphone ES 333 presents a classic sound plus Tom’s custom subtleties – and this can be yours!

The instrument has smooth satin finishing. The fingerboard is standardly made of traditional rosewood, presents the 1960 Slim-Taper neck profile, 12″ in radius (nut width: 1-11/16″, length of the scale: is 24-3/4″).

As for humbucker – Epiphone Tom Delonge ES 333 has only one, but really cool. This is not all of course – let’s proceed!


You can find different proposals for Tom Delonge Epiphone: Ebay, Guitarcenter, and of course Amazon and other portals offer new and used instruments, their prices vary from 700 to 850 $ approximately.

Tom Delonge Epiphone review: looks so brilliant and sounds like hurricane!

In addition to the rotary color scheme, the real power inside is represented by single Humbucker receiver. But this is not just a common single humbucker! Since Tom Delonge prefers his own style, he made a choice to put only one super-hot pickup “Dirty Fingers” by Gibson, right on the bridge, that guarantees for sound to break through. This brilliant union of power and torrential floods hurricane, storm of sound, Tom chose this pickup, because according to his opinion it is amazing: it has much more clarity, loudness and sound is much wider. Tom said that immediately fell in love with him.


Having a classic appearance, Epiphone 333 Tom Delonge is featuring non-symmetrical double cutaway. The back of a headstock of traditional configuration has specific signature of Tom, the other side is marked with the Epiphone logo.

On the guitar face there is the output jack. The guitar presents a bold statement, everything in solidity and durability that you expect from $500 instrument – you get.


This affordable Epiphone Tom Delonge signature ES 333 semi hollow electric guitar is not really overloaded with features, but it still performs the simple things the best way.

Surprising and really huge sound is provided with American Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker. Clear sound of guitar is saturated with grit and aggression. And it is retained at the high levels.

Only one control knob of master volume makes Epiphone ES 333 Tom Delonge simple to manage. Grover tuners on the headstock add good tuning stability in cooperation with Tune-o-matic. The stopbar tailpiece also helps.


The guitar is not number one when speaking about versatility, but it does its best in giving really huge and impressive output. You receive a rough, distorted rock.

The guitar itself is easy to be held when playing  – there were no complaints to it. The comfortable neck opens a spread field for making wavy riffs. Although the pickup is USA product, all the rest in this guitar is Chinese – nevertheless it can boast of good assembly.


Plenty of users liked classy and unique appearance of Epiphone Tom Delonge signature ES-333, it feels very well made. Frankly speaking – it’s not very versatile. It gives good tone, has solid electronics. It is loud and aggressive – great for punk rock and heavy metal players. Not so good for jazz and if you need to get clean and undistorted sound, this is not will be your guitar. In case you want to shake the walls of a house with the “dirt” – buy this instrument.

Users liked huge neck on this guitar – it is really big one in electric instrument. The guitar is playable but it is rather thick and someone can complain to inconvenience because of it. The electronics is presented by decent tuning machines. Maybe the TonePros could be more suitable.

It is good for every event, ideal for jamming, practicing and recording, good quality guitar with marvelous tones.

Analogs of Epiphone Tom Delonge ES-333

6-string Epiphone Tommy Thayer “Spaceman” Les Paul Standard

  • type: electric guitar
  • not suitable for lefties
  • fixed type of bridge
  • no charts through the hull
  • Shocks with clip: No
  • Intrustation: Artistic
  • No heads of neck: No
  • Rating pegs: No
  • Number of frets: 24

Elecrtic Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature SG Custom

  • Mensure: 24.75 ‘
  • For Lefties: No
  • 6 strings
  • pasted pixel fixing type
  • no charts through the hull
  • bridge is fixed
  • Beauty bar: No
  • Number of frets: 24
  • Radius of overlay: 304 mm

Epiphone Trailer Park Airscreamer of 6 strings:

  • type: electric
  • For Lefties can not be used
  • 24,75 inch mensure
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Type bridge: fixed
  • Charts through the hull: No
  • Number of frets: 22
  • Rating pegs: No
  • Beauty bar: No
  • Shocks with clip: No

Epiphone Ultra-339:

  • type: semi-acoustic guitar
  • For Lefties: No
  • Mensure: 24.75 ”
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Pixel fixing type: pasted
  • Type bridge: fixed
  • Rolls through the body: No
  • Rating picks: No
  • Material of fretboard: rosewood
  • pegs with clip: No

We hope this Epiphone Tom Delonge review will help you to make wright choice!

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