Speakers with the most beautiful design are worth referring to today

Today, audiophiles not only need a pair of speakers with good sound, but beautiful appearance is a factor that greatly determines whether they choose them or not. A pair of speakers that can perform great sound, but also has a sleek, outstanding design in any entertainment space is a choice not to be missed. Currently, on the audio market, there are countless different speaker designs, at many different prices, so users have a lot to choose from. But to make it easier for users to find a pair of speakers that meet both audio and visual criteria, we’ve put together a list of the most beautifully designed speaker models worth considering today. These are all products of world-famous brands, which will surely bring satisfaction to even fastidious customers.


Sonus Faber SF16 Speaker

Sonus Faber SF16 Speaker

Unique and strange are words that can be used to describe the appearance of the Sonus Faber SF16 speaker at first sight. This wireless speaker model is designed by the Sonus Faber brand as a spaceship, with 2 satellites attached to the main body of the speaker.

The Sonus Faber SF16 speaker cabinet has a rather complex structure with the mainframe made of aluminum and the outside covered with wood, creating durability and elegance for the speaker. The speaker surface is finished with natural wood grain veneer and white aluminum details. The speaker cabinet is mounted on the speaker stand, solid and stable. Before feeling the sound quality, users will certainly be surprised by the unique design of this Sonus Faber SF16 speaker model.


Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 Speaker

The pinnacle of craftsmanship and design is what we can feel from Bang & Olufsen’s Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 loudspeaker. Launched on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of this Danish hi-end brand, it breaks the definition of a conventional speaker, to not only deliver excellent musical experiences but also bring a unique form of beauty.

This Bang & Olufsen Beolab 90 speaker model has a very unique shape, not following a conventional structure, it is a bold idea and each speaker weighs 137kg. The manufacturer has used a cascading structure and a layout in the style of 4 sails. But the diamond-shaped cloth works together to create a very fancy structure, directing the drivers in different directions, providing omnidirectional sound.


Elipson Sound Tree Speaker

Elipson Sound Tree is a way to enjoy music like no other, a unique work of art by the French brand Elipson. This speaker model can be suitable for residential or commercial spaces, formed as a tree whose fruit is the loudspeaker, the trunk is the main part and the branches are the vines that hang the speaker. This is a visually spectacular musical solution unlike any other. By expanding the number of speakers, it can be adapted to any environment, for personal or commercial use.

The Elipson Sound Tree loudspeaker was first introduced at Milano’s Triennale during Design Week and was designed by Maurizio Galante, Tal Lancman & Jean-Yves Le Porcher. This “sound tree” owns up to 12 speakers, which will definitely bring users the most beautiful speaker designs worth referring to today, and new experiences in both eyes and ears.


Fischer & Fischer SN/SL 1000.1AMT Speaker

Fischer & Fischer SN/SL 1000.1AMT Speaker

It can be said that, Fischer & Fischer SN/SL 1000.1AMT is the highest pair of column speakers of the German brand – Fischer & Fischer in terms of both sound quality and appearance. At first sight, users will surely be overwhelmed with the tall, superficial and unique slate cabinet shape.

The special feature of the Fischer & Fischer SN/SL 1000.1AMT cabinet design is the shale material used with a lifespan of up to half a billion years. This material is carefully cut and honed to ensure the speaker’s aesthetic and timeless durability.

Each Fischer & Fischer SN/SL 1000.1AMT speaker weighs 283kg and is 1620mm tall. The speaker cabinet is designed with a module with a wall thickness of 20 – 23mm. The finishing process of the speaker is also very well taken care of. The company’s engineers have smoothed the surface of the speaker wall, before spraying the finishing color. Audiophiles can choose from natural slate or other colors that the manufacturer provides. Just looking at the form, it is enough to see that this model is a pair of high-end column speakers that will become extremely prominent in any sound system.


KEF Blade Speaker

KEF Blade Speaker

The KEF Blade speaker of the KEF brand produces an impressive design, with a distinctive design, it resembles a sail. The enclosure is made of a balsa wood bridge structure and high-grade carbon fiber composite with excellent vibration resistance and bearing capacity.

KEF Blade cabinet with soft, rounded curves, creating non-parallel edges, is not only beautiful in shape, but also has the effect of limiting standing waves and affective resonance. The drivers are uniquely arranged, directing the sound to spread with a very wide sounding angle.

The KEF Blade speaker model is very carefully completed, ensuring high aesthetics for the device. The manufacturer has launched many different color versions for this unique and strange column speaker. It will contribute to transforming the entertainment room into more luxurious and high-class.


Snowmen Speakers

Snowmen Speakers

Inspired by the snowman, Dirk Vander Kooij created a speaker called Snowmen. Regardless of the performance, the design of this Snowmen speaker really attracts the opposite person with 3 large and small circular blocks placed on top of each other like a snowman, unique and beautiful.

A subtle white color covers the circular enclosures, and the ridges on the case make it stand out even more. Only the drivers on each speaker compartment are blackened, creating a highlight for the speaker. This design of the Snowmen speakers offers a great value for delivering pure sound, deep soundstage, and a bright spot in any entertainment space.


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