Sunburst Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Review – The Variety of Choices

Cutaway guitars are convenient to play and they look nicely. Isn`t that all you need to know? To find out more information on this type of guitar construction check this article.

What a Cutaway is

The first thing I want to say is that there is no such thing as one cutaway acoustic guitar. The term cutaway means a feature of guitar construction. Well, it indeed is a little cutaway on the top part of the guitar body near the neck that makes an access to upper frets easier. There are three types of cutaway guitars: Florentine, Venetian and Squared-off.


Florentine cutaway is sharp and aggressive. It is mainly used in the guitars for beginners and rock-guitars as it looks more attractive. It is convenient enough in terms of playing.


Venetian cutaway is rounded and smooth. It is a bit more safe and easy to handle, but it is pretty much the same. Venetian cutaway is more often used in solid guitars.


It is the rarest type off cutaway that is only used in Selmer-Maccaferi guitars and some nylon-stringed guitars for the beginners. There is less than 10 per cent of guitars of this type on the market.

Another thing that might differ guitars of this kind is single or double cutaway. Single cutaway is only made on one side, while double on both. Double cutaways are mainly used in super aggressive guitars to make string access as easy as possible. The examples of double cutaways are Fender`s Stratocaster and Telecaster, Yamaha`s SG.

That was basically all you need to know about cutaway construction, so let us proceed to looking at some decent cutaways for the beginners and developing players.

Sunburst Cutaway Acoustic Guitars

This article will be devoted to budget sunburst cutaway acoustic guitars. We`ll only take look at single cutaway models, as double cutaways are the guitars for experienced players and they usually cost a lot of money.

Fender CD-140SCE Electro-Acoustic Guitar Sunburst
Material Fender CD-140SCE is made of rosewood completely, except the top which is solid spruce and neck, that is made of mahogany. It has a sunburst designed finish. While rosewood is not the most durable material, the fact that the whole guitar is made of the same material makes it more comfortable to play and handle.
Dimensions This is a full-sized guitar, oriented for right-handed players, that has a dreadnought body shape. The dimensions are 17 * 42,5 * 6 inches (which is 432 * 1080 * 152 in millimeters). Players over 16 years should have no problems with playing this guitar, while younger ones might feel uncomfortable handling it.
Strings The model has default strings. They are comfortable to play and stay tuned for a long time. However, beginners and players with soft hands might have hard times getting used to it due to fingertip scratches. In this case it`s possible to replace them with nylon ones.

This model is a decent one for developing players and has a lot of potential. The body is durable and the sound quality is high. However, there is a guitar more suitable for the beginners.

Bailando 40-inch Sunburst Acoustic Cutaway
Material The guitar is made of linden plywood. It has thick sides and back, which makes the construction really durable and adds a nice sound pattern. Although it is not the best material for the guitar body, it includes two main features: it`s cheap and reliable.
Dimensions This is a classical acoustic cutaway guitar which is 40*17.5*5.5 inches (which is 1016 * 445 * 140 in millimeters). The shape itself and the cutaway make the playing process easy. Handling the guitar will not be a problem, until the person playing has small hands. If this is your case try looking for ¾ or even ½ sized guitar.
Strings The strings of this guitar are made of polyurethane, which is something between soft and hard strings. They are easier to play than metal strings and stay tuned longer than the nylon ones. A great compromise for a beginner and a developing player.

Bailando 40-inch acoustic guitar is a nice choice for a beginner. It is easy to handle and comes in a pack with gig bag. If you are only starting to learn playing the guitar this one may be a great choice.


Let us sum everything up:

  • Cutaway is a feature of a guitar`s construction, that makes access to upper frets easier.
  • There are three types of cutaway: Venetian, Florentine and Squared-off.
  • There is a lot of cutaway guitars with sunburst pattern suitable for all types of players.
  • While choosing a cutaway for yourself, mind following parameters: string material and the size of a guitar.

This was all the basic information you needed to know about cutaways. There is much more things to know, that you will learn while studying to play the guitar, but for now it is enough to make a choice. Good luck in your musical studies.

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