5 Best drumsticks for electronic drums

Drumsticks are a fundamental element for a drummer. There are many drumsticks, but when selecting a model it is necessary that they fit your musical needs, since not all are the same. To help you select some good drumsticks, we have developed a guide to buy the best models on the market, with the basic characteristics that you should consider to select ones that meet your demands and demands.

The drums are a particular and fascinating instrument: unlike many of his colleagues, such as piano or guitar, they are not played directly with their hands but need two important intermediaries, drumsticks. These represent a real extension of the drummer’s arts, which must reproduce in sound the sequence of pauses and notes present on the score. Precisely for this reason, a beginner who approaches the battery must carefully choose the sticks that will accompany him during the learning process. Choosing the set is not a simple operation, since these elements have different shapes, lengths and thicknesses that can change the style and the sound of the percussion.

Buying Guide

The element that most of all can determine the sound is the tip or bead. The designs of the drumsticks are usually classical, so what varies in these sticks are the dimensions and shape of the tip, which can be oval, acorn, barrel, teardrop pointed and round. For the same shapes different sizes may be available. A smaller tip will produce a brighter and more defined sound. A larger tip is a less brilliant sound but full of nuances and a more evident volume.

Tip:Keep in mind that each one contributes different sounds and are suitable for different genres. Likewise, the tips can be made with different materials with respect to the rest of the stick.

Since there are same piece of wood as the rest of the stick, but other models come in nylon. The latter will produce a more brilliant ping on the cymbals, but it is also more delicate. Intensive use can cause breakage or in some cases detachment from the drumstick. Those with wooden tips are recommended for drier and deeper sounds, which are common in genres such as rock and jazz.

Drumstick Anatomy

Moving towards the drummer’s hand, we find the neck of the drumstick. It is a small, tapered area that connects the point to the shoulder. The size of the shoulder and the neck depends on the diameter of the rod. The shoulder is the area with which the edge of the hi-hat and the cymbals is most striking. The more the combination of these two areas is thin and elongated, and the more the drumstick will be flexible. A test will help you find the right combination; it’s a matter of taste and sensitivity. Some prefer chunks more flexible, others stiffer drumsticks.

The shaft (the body of the drumstick) is divided into two areas. The first (moved towards the tip) must bear most of the stresses. The second area is the one that determines the grip of the drumstick itself. In this case you can choose between a natural finish or some material that increases the grip (friction) between the palm of the drummer and the drumstick itself.

And finally the butt-end is the opposite end of the stick to the tip. It can be flat or rounded. This – depending on where you hold your drumstick – can make it more or less comfortable. A rounded butt can also be more useful if the drumstick is used in reverse.

Conventional numbering

We arrive at the mysterious abbreviation reported on any drumstick that – in essence –determines the model: 5A, 5B, 7A, 7B, and 2B knowing that each of them represents thinner or thicker sticks. In principle we have understood that the 5A is thick and the 7A is thin. In the case of the 7A design the drumsticks are light and used mostly by drummers who begin in art or jazz students, while the drumsticks of 5A are a little thicker and are usually used for heavy rock, although they also serve for other genres. On the other hand, there are the 5B drumsticks, with a greater thickness that allows them to provide more intense sounds, while the 2B drumsticks are even thicker and are used by professional drummers.

Generalizing to the extreme (therefore with the three main measures), we can classify as follows:

  • Small diameter drumsticks suitable for contexts in which it is not necessary to produce an important volume.
  • Medium diameter drumsticks suitable for symphonic contexts and bands in which it is necessary to be heard.
  • The “fat” family: they are usually used in music bands.

Do not deliberately list diameters as they are subject to a large number of variables.


The weight is another fundamental factor in a pair of drumsticks and this feature usually goes hand in hand with the type, because if they are thicker, the greater their weight, as well as the thinner they are, their weight will also be light. One of the recommended tips is to have a weight-type balance and be comfortable holding them with your hands, so they do not tire and provide adequate sounds on the cymbals and drums. In the same way, the distribution of the weight guarantees a greater durability; since the more uniform ones tend to be more flexible and better support the blows and rumbles. The idea is that the sticks are able to touch the drums without splintering or breaking.

Colors and finishes

Surely you are looking for a model of drumsticks that are good and economical, so if these properties are important to you, then you should also consider features such as colors and finish. Although this may seem to have no impact on quality and performance, it is not entirely true.

Each model has different finishes, with special treatments, a layer of colored paint that can be white, black, matt or glossy, varnished, among others. The finish gives a different form of sliding on the fingers. Those with matte finish tend to be more stable between the fingers and slip less with sweat, but some experienced drummers tend to opt for toothpicks that allow greater mobility, to vary the grip during the touch.

Best drumsticks – Opinions and Analysis

If you have  a electronic drum set, you know that to use it you need a couple of drumsticks, but the market is full of models and manufacturers that claim to have the best, so selecting a model is not easy. We present the five models that are recognized by users and that lead the preferences, so we explain the most outstanding characteristics of each one.

Zildjian 5BNB Nylon Black Drumsticks

This model is recommended by users who are in search of the best drumsticks of 2018, because they have a classic design with a black finish and a tip made of teardrop nylon and comfortable for the hands.

  • They offer an adequate balance and are suitable for playing on drums and cymbals, because thanks to their nylon teardrop tip they emit a pleasant sound.
  • These drumsticks are made from Hickory wood, a material that is useful for these instruments which gives them a good level of resistance, depending on the use they receive.
  • The 5BNB are suitable for rock bands, practice with the instrument and other musical activities, including the use of drums in styles such as jazz.
  • Its thickness corresponds to measure 5B, one of the thickest in the market, which gives intense sounds.

They have a weight of 63.5 grams, so they are efficient for several musical styles, so it is a matter of adapting to the weight. This model has dimensions of 40.64 cm in length and a diameter that stands at 1.52 cm.

The users have affirmed that the sticks have a good level of grip and that they do not slide off the fingers, which is favorable for the execution.

Vic Firth Signature Series — Buddy Rich Nylon Tip

There are many users who wonder what the best drumsticks on the market are. To answer this question, the Buddy Rich with a modified 5AN design with a larger tip, neck and shoulder model can be the one indicated, since it has the necessary characteristics to emit pleasant sounds suitable for different musical genres.

  • This model of drumsticks is one of the most requested by users, because it has materials that give quality, a good weight and balance to provide good sounds on cymbals and snare drums.
  • This pair of all colored sticks has a classic design with natural tips made from Hickory wood, which generates a warm sound.
  • The drumsticks have a diameter of 15 mm and a length of 39, 37 cm and are one of the thickest and most professional, being recommended for musical styles that go in the wave of hard rock, but their versatility is wide, so they can be useful for other musical genres that also use drums

Buddy Rich was an American jazz drummer, representative of the swing, bop and, in general, jazz of the big bands. He is one of the most prestigious musicians in the field of jazz drums, renowned for his technique, speed and ability in solos.

Vater Drumsticks (VHFN)

Manufacture: They have a North American manufacture, which supposes an adequate level of quality. Vater Percussion, often known simply as Vater, is an industry producing drum sticks and other percussion instruments founded in 1956 by Clarence Vater.

Structure: The structure of the sticks is made of Hickory wood with a small round nylon tip which allows a deeper sound to be generated through the beat generated on the surface of the instrument.

When belonging to the size between a 5A & 5B, these drumsticks can be used to play different types of rhythms, improving the options of training and learning of each user.

Vic Firth 5A Nylon Nova Drumsticks (N5AN)

  • Finishes: These drumsticks are made of Hickory wood.
  • Tip: The tip of the sticks is made of nylon and has a teardrop shape, so that it generates an adequate sound.
  • Grab: They have an adequate grip, allowing accuracy at all times, something essential for those who start using these instruments.


Do you want to cause a sensation in your performances? Do you dare to innovate and give a note of color with your battery? Now you have the “Rockstix” drumsticks illuminated by a powerful LED inside.

  • Light activated by the blow
  • Frosted tip to create great light effects
  • Practically unbreakable, the drumsticks are made of LEXAN (Lexan is a particular resin belonging to the polycarbonate family)
  • Ideal for the professional drummer, for the concert that you want to be special
  • For beginners, they add that fun to the lessons and auditions

What are the best drumsticks for electronic drums?

Buy quality drumsticks. It may seem trivial, but it is important that the sticks have a weight and a sound as similar to each other. Check that the rods are straight and that they do not show any cracks. As for the real choice of one model rather than another, starting from what has been said so far, try various models, be extremely critical and get advice from your hands and arms. The ideal sticks are comfortable; they facilitate you in fast passes and have an adequate response to your touch. Beware of who tells you the X model is better than the Y model. It is always a personal matter

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