The Review of Best Headphones for Music Amateurs in 2018

While searching of headphones, you risk getting off your feet despite of the fact that you know your requirements and realize what music and what devices you will use. You will be surprised, but all the headphones can be divided in only a few large categories:

  1. Over-ear headphones. We like them for their best sound quality.
  2. Noise-cancelling headphones – you will hear only music.
  3. On-ear headphones. Portable headphones became most popular at the moment.
  4. In-ear headphones – they will take up a really scanty space.

We will give you a review of several best over-ear devices and not only them: in the age of gadgets wireless headphones are very important, so we compiled a detailed overview of these best ones. You could also see our best offers of modern noise-cancelling headphones. And finally we present budget variants worthy to consider – don’t waste your time for searching. So let’s choose your best headphone for music – we created an excellent collection!

We assume these are the leaders in wide-spread categories:

  • “B&O PLAY Beoplay H4” – in High-End Sound Quality;
  • Excellent for fitness: “Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset”;
  • The best Wi-Fi provides “Beats Solo3”;
  • “Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Monitor” are considered to be the best of wired headphones;
  • Listen to your favorite electronic compositions – the best music for bose headphones – via “Bose QuietControl 30 Wireless”.
  • To our opinion the optimal choice for DJs will be “Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphones”.

The “Kings” – best over-ear headphones 2018

This type of headphones will compliment you with plenty of comfort sitting around the ear. They are big and most conspicuous. And give you rather well noise isolation and better sound than on-ears variants. Most of good headphones for music have open-back version and they can give you more rich sound, but be careful of using them outside the home – show humanity to neighbors!

The first two are planar headphones. To make it clear – if you make a comparison between the sound of non-planar and planar headphones – it will be choice between coffee with sugar and coffee without sugar. Planar headphones reveal a real, unsweetened aroma and taste of music. You just need to get used to the Kings’ Level.

Monoprice Monolith M1060

Many people have never heard of planar headphones, as there are only a few companies on the market, for example, Oppo and Audeze.

What is this – planar headphones? Instead of touching the voice coil, the membrane in the planar is fused with it into a single module. This saves it from deformations, and sounding – from distortions. The scheme is complex, and rarely applying, but this is most honest sound you’ve ever heard.


  • M1060 is quite large and round to be accommodated with 106-millimeter drivers;
  • each cup is made of wood;
  • for your comfort there are large soft ear pads made of eco-leather;
  • headband is self-adjusting, covered with soft material, so the heavy headphones on the head sit comfortably;
  • each earpiece of these headphones for music has a 2.5 mm jack that is used to connect to a sound source through a 1.5m long cable;
  • the cable ends with a short, rectangular, gold-plated 3.5mm plug;
  • the bundle is completed with full-size 6.3mm adapter and the bag.

To assess the sound, do not connect the Monolith M1060 to the smartphone; it will not be able to work adequately with these headphones. Ideally, they need a headphone amplifier, such as Oppo’s HA-2 SE, or a full-size Hi-Fi setup so that the headphones can fully open their potential.

Another important feature of the Monolith M1060 is the open design. Yes, you will not be the only one who hears your music and those who surrounds you will become bit envy as you have the best over ear headphones for listening to music.

If you listen to music often in these headphones, you will notice that the sound has become more accurate, pleasant and tidy. You will hear music such as heard by the sound engineer at the studio, very clean and honest. You will hear every small detail.


For only 299 $, Monolith M1060 are the best headphones for music production and a price breakthrough. They look remarkably similar in style to much more expensive headphones, such as the Audeze LCD-2.


Some people will find headphones too heavy. There is no way to easily change the ear cups. They may become the best headphones for mastering music as you can hear any mistake of the musician.


We recommend Monolith M1060 headphones to anyone who wants to hear an incredibly clean and detailed sound sitting in a chair at home. They are featuring great sound quality, excellent value for money, removable cable.

Oppo PM-3

Oppo is the world leader of planar headphones production. We’ll tell you in the provocative way – you really needn’t waste your time reading this review – just go and buy these headphones. This is the best model in its price category, which has an impressive combination of excellent design and can provide the countless range of crystal sounds that makes them one of the best headphones for listening to music in 2018.


They have a singularity in the form of planar sound emitters. This design for moving the diaphragm is much better in terms of obtaining accurate sound over a wide frequency range with minimal distortion than traditional technologies.

Their sound is impressive by the degree of detail and the spatiality of the stereo picture.

These planar headphones have a closed design, and perhaps this is generally the first such headphones in the world. So yes, they are special.

The combination of planar emitters and closed design means good isolation from external noise and the best perception of sound throughout the frequency range. Compared to Sony MDR-1RNC headphones for music production, Sony’s sound is boring and not energetic.


  • outstanding sound quality;
  • excellent sound insulation;
  • attractive design;
  • best in class.


  • ear-cups are made of leather imitator;
  • not as accurate sound as open models.

Our resume

If you are ready to spend 400 $ on overhead headphones, then do not even look for anything other than Oppo PM-3. These are the best headphones from all that we tested in this price category. They provide everything you can expect from a model of this value, and will make competitors become blushed. They can be best headphones for classical music, you can enjoy opera and jazz.

They are great for listening to music at home, and during hanging around the city. We can’t give them an even higher recommendation than they have already given – it’s just an amazing model.

Philips Fidelio X2

What are the best headphones for music of any genre? These are excellent headphones of semi-studio type, which will help to feel the entire musical scale of a song. There is a feeling of complete immersion. You can enjoy electronic music, listen to classics or plunge into the rock culture.

Main features

Soft plastic, which the external parts are made from, looks pretty decent, but sometimes there are very unpleasant joints. Standard equipment is a three-meter detachable cable in fabric braiding (3.5 mm minijacks at both ends) and a 6.3 mm adapter.

The headphones are equipped with drivers Layered Motion Control (LMC), which allows you to transmit the highest possible clearly high and medium frequencies. They are located at an angle to the ear canal at 15 degrees to suppress reflections of the inner ear and expand the stereopanorama. Composite diaphragm of 50 mm consists of several layers of polymer with a layer of damping gel. The frequency range of the Fidelio X2 is 5-40 kHz. Resistance, maximum input power and sensitivity are 30Ohm/500mW/100dB@1mW respectively.


Good sound, comfortable structure, attractive appearance. Even at maximum volume do not press on ears. They can really become the best headphones for gaming and music for you.


“Leakage” of sounds – more than 50 percent. Needs additional equipment, high price, sound permeability. For completeness of sounding it is necessary to use Hi-Fi equipment like quality DACs and an amplifier for headphones.


Headphones are not too loud, very comfortable, rustic, but come with pleasant design and give you the ocean of ​​positive sound emotions. Great for home when you’re alone.

Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO

The best professional tool needs to be made by professionals and for professionals. Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro headphones are positioned as premium model for studio, but are they suitable for everyday use?

Two replacement cables come in the kit: one straight (3 meters), the second – a twisted “spring” (about 1.5 meters and the manufacturer claims that it stretches to 5 meters). There is no cord with a microphone. From the side of the headphones cables have 3-pin mini-XLR connectors, and on the other side – 3,5-mm gold-plated “jacks”. To connect to fixed equipment with a 1/4 “connector, there is a corresponding adapter screwed on the plug in addition to the velour ear-pads installed on the headphones on the assembly line (leather ear-pads are provided).


  • The acoustic design of dynamic radiators is closed.
  • The frequency range reproduced by them extends from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.
  • The headphone resistance is 250 ohms, and the nominal power is 200 mW.
  • The coefficient of nonlinear distortion is 0.05%.

The manufacturer indicates that the leather ear cushions attenuate extraneous noise by approximately 21 dB, and the velour – by 18 dB.


The cups are made of plastic, but the material is selected of the highest quality. The headband in the leather case is decorated with a decorative stitching and is complemented by a damping gasket. The metal arms are anodized in the color of the earcups.

The weight of the headphones is impressive – 388 g, but they are not heavy, they are not felt and you can wear them for a long time.

The ear-cups completely cover the ears. At first, the damping material of the new ear-cups seemed somewhat harsh, but this feeling passes. The headphones are quite close to the head and provide passive noise insulation. .

High impedance imposes some restrictions on the source of sound. The vast majority of conventional smartphones are not capable.

To open in all its glory DT 1770 Pro requires a device with high output impedance and good power, for example, the player Questyle QP1R and the “musician” of all time – Meizu Pro 5.

The DT 1770 Pro’s sound is greats. The emphasis is made for middle frequencies; they are so bright and colorful, that you “hang” over the riot of colors, tonal transitions and shades.

All of the above applies to leather ear cups. In the velour everything is more intensively.

So, they are not just for the studio. Their sound is quite far from the dry, colorless “sound” of the monitor headphones. For a music lover who appreciates foremost the impression of a musical piece, these headphones are just a gem. Which can be useful both at work and at home.


Your head will not get tired, they perfectly sound, and also are able to please the richest musical spectrum.


Low frequencies are the most “forgotten” range. Attacks and pressure in low frequencies are not present, as there is not enough density that we want to get. Not for heavy musical genres – for them you’d better take Fostex and Denon, for example.

For mobile use, headphones are completely inappropriate. So they can’t be used with a regular smartphone without a cool audio.

The dimensions of the headphones and especially of the box for their storage will require the separate “suitcase on wheels”.


DT 1770 Pro is an excellent tool for listening to music, only if you are not going somewhere. And the source of sound for these headphones for fully revealing their potential must be better than the MP3 player or sound card of the laptop.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

You can also pay attention to the headphones Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO for the approximate price 220 $.


  • open studio headphones;
  • Sturdy construction due to the steel spring of the headband;
  • the wire leaves only one cup (from the left);
  • soft headband.

Technical specs:

  • Transducer type;
  • Electrodynamic;
  • Passport frequency range 5 – 35000 Hz;
  • Impedance at 1000 Hz 250 Ohm;
  • Nominal SPL 96 dB;
  • Harmonics factor <0.2%;
  • Permissible power 100 mW;
  • Large headphones, ear cushions around the ear (Circumaural);
  • Headband spring pressure – 3.5 Newtons (0.36 kg);
  • Cable length/type – 3 m/spiral cable;
  • Gold-plated minijack, plus adapter on 1/4 “.

Sennheiser HD 800

Their high cost was determined by the number of man-hours invested in this model while researching and really hand-assembly in Germany.

The main “secret” of these headphones is a specially designed radiator with an annular diffuser fixed to both the internal and external sides. This allows achieving a more rigid fit of the membrane and, as a result, a smaller resonance at a larger size. And you hear more elastic and collected bass. The second plus of this radiator: the sound waves mainly with flat front. A flat wave is perceived by the brain more naturally, and due to this the imaginary scene in the HD 800 strikes by volume. To enhance this effect, the headphones are placed slightly ahead of the listener’s ears and slightly unfolded towards them. The sound is almost independent of the headphones on the head, which also benefits the overall perception of their sound.


  • Emitter: dynamic, 55.88 mm;
  • Frequency range: 6 Hz – 51 KHz;
  • Impedance: 300 Ω;
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.02%;
  • Sensitivity: 102 dB;
  • Cable: replaceable, symmetrical, 3 m, oxygen-free copper;
  • Plug: 6.3 mm;
  • Weight: 330 g (without cable).

A very large box comes with headphones, a complete cable and a large album-instruction rest. Maybe the stand would be a great addition.

Wow! Very futuristic bewitching design! Sennheiser deliberately decided to emphasize the innovative nature of the model and use plastic black and silver colors.

Headphones are very comfortable, ear cups and headband pillows are made of soft, velvet material, but they are not so inclined to collect rubbish and dirt, as is often happens with cheap pseudobarhat. The headphones easily cover the ear, the head does not tire.

Cups are attached to the headband on hinges, which allows them to rotate around two axes, ensuring the tightest fit.

The build quality is as close to the ideal as possible. No squeaks, loopholes, loose fit – everything is fine.

The model is completely open, so you can use it only in a quiet home environment, otherwise you will interfere with your music to others.

The cord has a length of 3 meters, it is very comfortable, there is a 6.3 mm plug. This is not a mobile headset.

So, what about these headphones in the asset? They provide incredible linearity, both at low and high frequencies.

With these sounds, the best is achieved – with Yulong’ov (DA8 and A28), Chinese Violectric from the company Accurate Audio.

The basses are deep and perfectly controlled.

With an impedance of 300 Ω, these headphones clearly require an amplifier.

In most genres music discloses with incredible power, immersing in a tune so much that even the very sensation of using headphones is lost. Tremely rich instruments, chamber music, vocals, classics, live recordings.

This headphones are extremely critical to the quality of recording. You will need to carefully select the equipment. Or you will not like anything you recorded – especially is you are the perfectionist.


They can’t become the best headphones for rock music, they are not very suitable for heavy metal or similar styles. In the atmosphere of the concert basses come with high resolution and you fell a lack of its “body” and power.

Listening with a mobile source is almost unthinkable.

One of the main problems of these headphones – they are extremely critical to the amplifier and DAC. With them you will hear the REAL sound of your path and the quality of the records, and they may not suit you.

Plastic headband guides – nonsense for an expensive model and a very big package box.


If the world of headphones and there are expensive sports cars, the Sennheiser HD-800 is a local analog Lamborgini Gallardo.

Luxurious and expensive in service (require a good amplifier, DAC, etc.). All we want to conclude – they are contradictory perfect.

Sony MDR-1000XM2

Such headphones for movies and music are ideal for everyone who often flies on airplanes, works in noisy conditions or drives trains where the noise level is great.

In the helicopter, on small and noisy single-engine Robinson R44 – listen to your favorite music, the noise insulation is excellent, the headphones can create a sound wall between you and the outside world, you can adjust the level of external sounds and hear only sounds you need.

It is convenient to feel the buttons with your finger. On the right earcup, in the center there is microUSB connector, it serves for charging, next to it – an LED indicator showing if the headphones are charged or not.

Main features

Ergonomics of the headphones is excellent, the headband is adjustable, the ear cushions of the synthetic leather fit tightly and give a good soundproofing. Headphones do not crush, but they do not hang around on their heads, they fit like pouches. The touch control panel is located in the right earpiece.

  • The proprietary technology of improving the digital sound DSEE HX, allows you to restore the composition when transmitting over Bluetooth. This technology corrects both blemishes of mp3 (works when connecting a wire), and compression flaws with wireless transmission.
  • The stream of transmitted data is 990 kbit / s, the bit depth is 24 bits at 96 kHz sampling.
  • Heading into the headphones Apple Music, do not wait for high resolution. You can improve the settings.
  • The declared range of reproducible frequencies is from 4 to 40000 Hz when connected via wire and from 20 to 20,000 Hz with wireless connection (44.1 kHz sampling) or 20-40000 Hz (96 kHz sampling).
  • Use headphones can and should be with a proprietary program from Sony, otherwise you will not be able to feel all their possibilities.
  • The real working time with activated noise cancellation is just over 20 hours, which in any case can be considered a good result, at the level of the best models.
  • Excellent bass and treble processing, sound is alive, and it’s good that pauses are audible as silence, there are no external sounds.


Really excellent sound insulation.


The ear cushion can not be replaced independently, the structure is monolithic, if the coating is damaged, it is necessary to go to the service center.

The second is – a very large box.

You can feel yourself hot in the plane or in summer day – then the ears begin to sweat.


The Sony WH-1000XM2 is an excellent choice for those who travel frequently. In a noisy plane they are chic and the price is adequate, they cost the declared money.

You can also consider these outstanding ones: Focal Listen, Bowers & Wilkins P9 Signature, Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT and Bose QuietComfort 35 II.

The best Bluetooth Headphones for music-2018

Perfected for years, these headphones have impeccable appearance and present excellent brand quality – we have chosen these products as the best to satisfy all customer requirements.

Sony WH-1000X M2 – perfect noise cancellation

At the first glance it becomes clear that these are not cheap Chinese headphones, but an expensive product. Despite of the fact that the base of the structure is made of plastic, the headphones are felt soundly, densely and reliably, there are no complaints about the quality of the assembly or design.

To create a high style of headphones, the manufacturer removed all markings from the outside, except for the NFC logo on the left side.


Their distinguishing feature from all analogs is the most effective noise reduction due to individual drivers located in the center of the bowls.

MicroUSB port on the right side will charge them, and a connector for audio cable is located on the left.

At any time, you can use a 3.5 mm audio cable to listen to the music. We estimated excellent work via Bluetooth.

Sony WH-1000X M2 supports the best LDAC codec, which allows you to listen to Hi-Res records. With this codec you can get very high quality sound without wires.

Right out of the box, the headphones are tuned to emphasize the basses a little bit, taking the middle frequencies to the background, but the overall sound remains fairly clear.

Sony WH-1000X M2 will best sound modern electronic music. All frequencies are clean, there are no sibilants, no strange parasitic sounds, no “sand” either. If you take an equalizer for a few minutes and adjust the sound of the headphones to yourself – I’m sure headphones will delight you for a very long time.

Customers’ reviews

The headphones have a fairly convenient interface for controlling the playback of music – the touch panel is located on the right side.

The headphones are very comfy on the head, The ear is completely placed inside the ear cup. The pressure headband on the head is minimal, most of the load is taken by the ear cups, but thanks to the foam filling, they evenly distribute the weight of the headphones over the head.

The headphones have a good passive noise isolation, even with the “active noise” is cancelled the headphones perfectly isolate the outside noise.


  • Excellent work of active noise cancellation;
  • Good ergonomics and easy listening;
  • A pleasant, soft sound with a bass bent;
  • Despite the full-size form factor, headphones are convenient to use on trips.


  • Currently, the LDAC codec can only be used with Sony technology.
  • When active noise reduction is enabled, a slight background white noise may be a little annoying.


We can frankly name them the best wireless headphones for music and we highly recommend Sony WH-1000X M2 to anyone who wants to get one of the best active noise reduction options with excellent sound and pleasant ergonomics.

The Jaybird X3

These classic wireless headphones for music connected by cable and equipped with a remote control. The case is made of plastic, the weight of the Jaybird X3 with ear pads and cartilaginous turns in funny 17.9 grams. They are almost not felt during use.


Headphones provide a stable Bluetooth connection with smartphones. They provide unexpectedly high-quality sound for sports headphones. Sound volume has a good margin of loudness, provide an even tonal balance, a good scene, a well study of low and high frequencies (with some loss of medium ones).

You can customize the sound through the downloaded Jaybird MySound application for Android and iOS.

They “are alive” during 8 hours of battery life, the charging time is 2.5 hours. 20 minutes of charging provide about one hour of playback.

Also, pluses are – the stylish design, convenient fixation and protection from moisture.


Jaybird X3 will not satisfy vocal fans, it sounds flat. During running, the right earpiece (with a remote control panel) may fall out, especially if the ear pads and cartilaginous locks are poorly chosen, or if your ear shape is generally not good for headphones of this type.

Unsuccessful charging cable. Unlike the past models of the company, Jaybird X3 is charged only through the contacts, which requires a special cradle, which is attached to the complete cable for charging. The result is a proprietary charging cable, and if you lose it, you will not be able to quickly find a replacement.


The Jaybird X3 is a wireless headset that can be easily used for both sports and everyday listening to music. The quality of materials and sound are at a good level, they provide a high degree of autonomy, without requiring frequent charging.


Excellent headphones with active noise reduction. The manufacturer refused large surfaces, each cup has a ledge of matt titanium color, which is surrounded by a belt of textured plastic. Users noted the high quality of materials and sound of headphones both – in Bluetooth and analog audio.

Headphones with active noise reduction system fully cover the auricle. The control buttons are located on the back of the right earcup.

There is a usual 3.5-mm audio jack that will be useful, for example, in an airplane.


The ear-pads are made of soft leather, so the headphones are quite comfortable on the head. Headphones provide excellent noise insulation. The pressure on the skull is comfortable; you can wear them for a long time. In addition to the headphones, the application is also responsible for setting the noise reduction functions. Three profiles are available: office, city and flight. Additional convenience is added by sensors, which determine the headphones being removed from the head and that is automatically makes music to be paused.


The ear-pads have a relatively small diameter, so they are pretty tight around the auricle, you have to get used to it.


The new balanced model Bowers & Wilkins PX showed excellent results in active noise reduction without loss of sound quality, as is usually the case with noise-canceling headphones.

The price of about $ 500 is quite high, but taking into account the manifested qualities we can reconcile with it.

Our collection of cheap headphones for music production – pay attention if you are a bit out of money.

If your budget allows you only to get earphones below $ 70-80, we recommend to pay your attention to following models.

SoundMAGIC E10

Price is about 70 $.

These are good headphones for music – cheap and nevertheless efficient ones. The in-ear headphones at a price where buds like these start to get serious. They cost 70 $ and are essentially a grown-up version of the classic SoundMagic E10. For years, that pair has been widely considered one of the best budget sets you can get.

Due to the minimal cost, metal construction and detailed soft sound, SoundMAGIC E10 was immediately liked by music amateurs. Then there were not so many competitors, about the same Xiaomi Piston in our region learned later.


  • Emitter: dynamic 13.5 mm, with neodymium magnets
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 46 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 100 dB at 1 kHz / mW
  • Input power: 20 mW
  • Radius: 10 yards
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Housing material: aluminum
  • Battery life: up to 12 hours
  • Weight: 20g

According to the users’ reviews that spent a whole year with SoundMAGIC E10, that this is one of the most melodic plugs in its price range. There was only a disproportion in the lower frequency spectrum, not everyone liked this bass pitch.

The first thing that will be noted by any user who will directly compare the E10 with the E50 is the detail and airiness of the sound. High frequencies are recouped crystal, there is no dust and fog, the vocal is transmitted smoothly and beautifully. I directly heard how Tame Impala and David Gilmour play – atmospheric and unbuttoned. The bass is elastic and fast, it does not smear, and in general headphones perfectly cope with fast music, for example, with Bullet For My Valentine.

The sound changes when changing attachments. With silicone ear pads more low frequencies, but foam Comply ideally isolate from noise and reveal the smallest details of the work.


A big problem for the E10 was a metal plug, the cable broke at the junction with the plug, the sound began to vanish. A fragile mini-jack breaks down in a couple of months.

Among the minuses is worth noting some dullness of the sound, which partially disappears after warming up the headphones (strange, but it’s true).

Another drawback of the E10 was the weight of the bowls, they constantly fell out of the ears.


Soundproofing, Package Contents, Ergonomics, Design & Materials

Our resume

These are one of the optimal wireless headphones that can be used with your mobile device – a tablet or a smartphone. If you like sports – that will be a great choice for you. Drivers are tuned thinly, and this model sounds dignifiedly – so why to overpay for a brand?


On-ear headphones for less than 70$.

AKG Y50 headphones are available in several colors, giving you a freedom of choice. Headphones are light, designed for daily use – the full-sized model weighs 190 grams.

The headband is rather thin, but thanks to the metal insert, rigidity and reliability do not suffer at all. The pressure of the cups can be estimated as strong enough, but not at all obtrusive.

The outer covers are made of aluminum.

The wire is quite ordinary. At the entrance points to the plug and the cup, additional plastic clips are used to prevent the cable from breaking. Focused on smartphones, four-pin connector. There is a small one-buttoned microphone with a microphone. The package includes a 6.3-mm adapter for profile amplifiers.

The Y50 ACGs do start to work at extremely low frequencies, but the entire low-frequency range down to 150 Hz is somewhat omitted relative to the rest. There will be a lot of bass, but the bottom will not put pressure on the middle. The middle itself shows a good unevenness. But at high frequencies there is a noticeable decline.

Subjectively, the headphones play really well.


The low-frequency range seemed to us a biting and dynamic. Maybe they are not excellent for hard rock and not really the best headphones for techno music, but they can be considered to be stable. The ear pads are very soft, they fit perfectly to the auricle.


Low sensitivity. With a normal phone play poorly loudly only with a few advanced in terms of sound models and specialized players. Not enough deep notes. The synthetic skin badly “breathes”, in the summer it can be hot. But in autumn and spring headphones perfectly warm your ears.


Earphones AKG Y50 can be put quite a high rating. The average result for sound quality, but soundly manufactured and have an interesting design. If you do not need an emphasis on low frequencies, then Y50 can be safely recommended for purchase. But remember that sensitivity is not high.

It will work well with the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6. But for example with the HTC One AKG Y50 smartphone is audibly bad.

On the whole they are smooth and very easy on the ear and not expensive – we recommend them.

Sennheiser HD 201

Over-ear and closed-back for less than 50$.

Closed dynamic stereo headphones for those who know the value of money. They provide a powerful sound transmission, good protection from external noise, ans they are extremely comfortable.


  • powerful sound transmission;
  • juicy, distinct low frequencies
  • light weight and high comfort
  • good suppression of external noise
  • High-quality ear cushions with artificial leather cushions
  • connector-adapter stereo jack 6.3 mm with gold-plated contacts
  • wired connecton: Length of cable 3m
  • frequency range – 21 Hz – 18 kHz
  • Resistance – 24 Ohm
  • Sensitivity – 108 dB


These headphones with closed-back design are positioned as “Headphones for the house”. Probably for this reason they have such a long cable.

As for wheezing and quiet sounding – with a resistance level of 24 ohms, headphones do not need a lot of power, they are suitable for portable devices, however, to sound better, they need an amplifier and a good socket.

When used with a PC, headphones sometimes gave out the signal LineOut (apparently, with the jamb drivers), which on the headphones sounds noticeably weaker and the hoarse sound is already at the volume level of 50%.

With the proper adjustment, the headphones produce a fairly clean and powerful sound (at the maximum volume it is impossible to listen – very loudly).

About the bass, everything is correctly noticed – with them the headphones are not very good. It seems that the headphones are “open”. However, the remaining frequencies are even and without dips and peaks. I note that I used headphones exclusively on the PC, so I can’t say anything about using it with the players. I have been using headphones for more than two years. For all the time of operation claims to the goods were not.


The sound is great. This headphones of 21 – 18,000Hz frequency response give me the needed depth and the basses are tapped. On the head they sat perfectly. They do not squeeze the head and I do not sweat in them.

Of the inexpensive, perhaps it is one of best variant. Sound, convenience and appearance are well-performed. The frame is pretty light and a tiny bit creaky, and the pads fake leather is very basic stuff. The design of the headphones is realized in such a way that each cup slightly deflects forward and backward. The outer part of the cups is made of black plastic with silver inserts, the rest of the frame is black.

The design of the headphones is realized in such a way that each cup slightly deflects forward and backward.

The outer part of the cups is made of black plastic with silver inserts, the rest of the frame is black.

Our resume

Great headphones. Of the inexpensive, perhaps it is one of best variant. Both in sound and in convenience and in appearance we give them solid 4+++ (of 5).

Decide which headphone is best for music you like?

  • Monoprice Monolith M1060
  • Oppo PM-3
  • Philips Fidelio X2
  • Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO
  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO
  • Sennheiser HD 800
  • Sony MDR-1000XM2
  • Sony WH-1000X M2
  • The Jaybird X3
  • SoundMAGIC E10
  • AKG Y50
  • Sennheiser HD 201

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