The review of Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV10A

What do you thing of classic design of electric guitar? To tell you the truth, i love it. It enspires me to write music, especially when it looks like a live-preview of its own rock era.

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1Ibanez ASV10A Maple and semi-hollow14.1 pounds1 Check

2Ibanez AS93 Flamed maple14.2 pounds
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3Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 Maple and semi hollow12.08 pounds
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4Epiphone CASINO Maple with glued-in Mahogany neck11.24 pounds
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5Gretsch G2622 Laminated Maple12.4 pounds
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Ibanez ASV10A
BodyMaple and semi-hollow
14.1 pounds
Our top1
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Ibanez AS93
BodyFlamed maple
14.2 pounds
Our top2
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Epiphone Riviera Custom P93
BodyMaple and semi hollow
12.08 pounds
Our top3
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Epiphone CASINO
BodyMaple with glued-in Mahogany neck
11.24 pounds
Our top5
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Gretsch G2622
BodyLaminated Maple
12.4 pounds
Our top4
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ASV10A is a double-cut semi-acoustic hollow guitar with deluxe tuners. It is created in order to prove that nowadays the aged guitars do not have to be outrageously overpriced, like for example, some USA brands. Maple body Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV10A is equipped with top-class hardware. Its body is connected with Mahogany neck through the #19 fret. The whole quantity of medium frets is 22, and the neck top contains rosewood fingerboard. It features block inlays and the 1-11/16″ nut.

The Classic Elite humbuckers of Ibanez with ART-1 Bridge can provide broad range of tones including good jazz performance. Pickups are passive, they all have the top covering and they are completed with the standard controls: 2 volume and 2 tone knobs and a three-way switch selector.

Customers’ reviews – almost all are ecstatic

Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV10A makes its users really happy and pleased. Its quality and sounding gives its owners more than they expect from this instrument.

Some of them tell that they will not exchange this one for any other despite the fact that there are also more expensive guitars.

Jazz and blues can be perfectly performed with this guitar. Neck is thick but fast; if you like a super flat neck this guitar is not for you. Setup is almost perfect but needs some truss tweak. With 4 knobs it is not easy to change tones very fast.

This guitar can easily become the main alternative variant to your single solid body instrument.

The sensations, appearance and action are great right out of the box. It meets expectations.

Even those, who have never been the metal players, like it. They estimate the quality construction and comfortable playing.

If we try to compare Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV 10 with Epiphone Dot and 339, both of them would sound poorer and not so inspiring like ASV 10.

Experienced musicians like this guitar for providing cool sound, and an easy-to-grip instrument. They find it very convenient to play, and professional tuning is not absolutely necessary.

Here is another review from a professional musician who has arthritis, so he likes the short neck and easy playing the instrument, with the minimum of difficult movements. He tells his hands do not get tired of playing even after a few hours.

The most users affirm that Ibanez Artcore Vintage ASV 10 dignifiedly meets all the expectations as a semi-acoustic guitar.

The harsh pickups can provide needed roughness. As for humbuckers, they are very smooth and transparent, short and “fleshy” neck provides deep, rich and warm sound, with a bit of dirt and a lot of sparkle.

Finally, the customers like the appearance and consider the price to be worthy for this instrument.

  • Mahogany Artcore vintage set-in neck Maple top/back/sides Medium frets Bound rosewood fretboard Acrylic block inlay ART1 bridge Classic Elite neck pu Classic Elite bridge pu
  • The Ibanez Artcore Vintage Series ASV10A Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar combines quality and affordability in one versatile guitar
  • It features a semi-hollow body design that offers the characteristic hollowbody sound, but with reduced feedback
  • It features a mahogany Artcore vintage set neck in an all-maple body
Great looks and fun to play
Quality sound
Maybe: a bit heavy

What about analogs

Ibanez AS93

  • Type: semi-acoustic;
  • Body: hollow, maple;
  • Pickups: passive, H-H; Bridge pichup ACH2;
  • Ribbed rosewood wood fretboard
  • Bridge: ART1, Tune-o-Matic (fixed);
  • Throbblock: passive;
  • Attached Artcore 3-layer neck: Mahogany, 22 large frets;
  • Number of strings: 6;
Ibanez AS93 is a guitar from Japanese manufacturer. It is a model with semihollow body. Here is the list of its` parameters:




Ibanez AS93 is 45.9 * 20.7 * 5.5 inches (which is 1165 * 526 * 139 in millimeters). It is a full-sized guitar, perfectly suitable for grown-ups. However children and new players could experience some problems handling it.




A classical combination of mahogany and rosewood is used in this one. Engineers managed to balance comfort and durability perfectly. AS93  comes with metal strings, which, again, may be not suitable for the beginners.

Well, concluding these paragraphs up, I can surely say, that AS93 is good for experienced guitarists only.

Body structure

As I`ve already mentioned, Ibanez AS93 has a semi-hollow body. It is also known as a hybrid type, which has nice resonance. It means, that sounds is spread equally in the air, which results in it being smooth and clear.

Tip:Another important thing to mention is that shape of body makes it possible to reach the strings in a really easy manner. Moreover, the construction itself makes the guitar quite light (28 pounds), which makes a reasonable pick for a traveler.

Finally, it comes with a set of uniquely designed pick-ups, which makes playing AS93 comfortable.

How it feels in action

Well, I personally didn`t own this guitar, but a good friend of mine, who is an experienced guitar player did, here are the things he told about it:

  • It provides decent sound. Decent means that is sounds exactly like the guitar from this price category. The correct tuning is needed though.
  • That`s pretty much a universal guitar. All the popular music genres were tried. Ibanez AS93 handles all of them. So, take the model in consideration, if you already know something about music, but have not picked a genre to play yet.
  • You`ll have to change it once. While being one of the best hybrid guitars, it does not show spectacular performance in any of the genres. It is good generally, but not good enough for something specific.
There were some more little remarks here and there, but if I were to give the final rate, I would say this one is 8 out of 10.

One last thing I would like to mention is how beautiful this guitar is. At least three variations of pattern are available. I personally enjoyed blue one the most, as it looks exactly like something, that a rockstar from 80s would play. So, even if you stop learning music, this one will deliver a lot of esthetic pleasure hanging on the wall.

Great sound
Quality of materials
Build quality

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93

  • Body and cover plate: maple
  • Neck: Mahogany, with 22 frets
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • The scale: 24.75 “
  • Neck fixing: pasted
  • Bridge: Tune-O-Matic
  • Tailpiece: Bigsby Tremolo
  • Pickups: 3-Epiphone P-90 “Dogear”
Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 is a semi-hollow body guitar from an American manufacturer. Here are the main physical characteristics:




Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 is 39.3 * 17.8 * 8.7 in inches (which is 998 * 452 221 in millimeters). It is a full-sized guitar, but a bit shorter than a regular one, so it will be suitable for teenagers.




The combination of maple body and mahogany neck is nice. There is not much to say about it honestly. The guitar will sit quite comfortable and will be durable enough to survive slight hits.

So, talking of things above, we can conclude that Riviera P93 will be a good choice for a developing player.

Body Construction

Engineers, who designed this guitar were inspired by the classical Riviera. The semi-hollow hybrid type both makes this model light-weighed enough to carry around, but also solid enough to resonate to make powerful sound.

Design of this electric guitar is vintage, which is natural as it refers to one of the classical models. All the rollers, venues and castors have golden color, which looks impressive against the brown background.

Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 in Action

After testing this guitar personally, I made several conclusions:

  • The model looks and sounds more expensive than it is. Holding Riviera P93 feels like holding a real treasure. Especially when it is all bright new and shining. The sound it provides is better, than that provided by analogues, though it has downsides, like slight distortion and greasy notes.
  • It is good for classical rock and blues. Well, it even feels wrong to play hard or fast music on this model. However, I tried that and can surely say, that tones, this guitar provides are suitable for deep and calm music.
  • Controllers are placed a bit unusual. After playing several electric guitars I got used to classical placement of all the controllers. On this specific model though they are located a little differently, so I spent several days getting used to that fact.

Summing things up, I can say, that Epiphone Riviera Custom P93 is good for both the beginners and experienced players who are tight on budget. It reasonably makes the player feel, like is playing a really expensive instrument. However, if you do not like Epiphone`s products, look for alternatives, as this very model differs from classical guitars.

Nice looking and plays well
Quality sound
Maybe: make contact with the triple pickups

Epiphone Casino

The semi-acoustic deck of the electric guitar is made of five layers of Maple. The neck of the electric guitar is connected to the deck by the deep insertion method, which guarantees a longer sustain for the guitar.

The stable system of the electric guitar in intensive play is provided with standard pins (Epiphone Chrome Die Cust Tuners). The neck of the guitar is made of Mahogany. The neck has 22 frets; the neck profile is SlimTaper “D”. Frets markers are made in the rectangular form, they are white. The markers are located on the central part of the Rosewood fretboard.

The guitar electronics has a three-position pickup switch, two volume knobs (Vol x 2), two tone control knobs (Tone x 2). The guitar is equipped with two passive pickups series Epiphone P (Single). Pickups specification is S/S.

  • The classic Casino attributes include the fully-hollow, laminated Maple body with glued-in Mahogany neck. Fingerboard radius: 12 inch, fingerboard inlays- parallelogram pearloid inlays
  • This monster of a guitar is equipped with Epiphone P90R and P90T dog-ear pickups that give you the powerful and unique single-coil tone
  • As with every Epiphone, the Casino Coupe also comes wit the peace of mind you get from a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by Gibson Musical Instruments” famous 24/7/365 day Custom Service
Amazingly lightweight
The guitar intonates perfectly
Maybe: long setup required

Gretsch Streamliner G2622

A six-string electric guitar is made for the left-handed guitarists. This electric guitar has the original, recognizable sound of the Gretsch instruments. It is distinctive due to its original deck style and head of the neck. It is equipped with a Maple fretboard with a rosewood overlay. The electric guitar’s mensura is 24.75 “(628 mm).

Gretsch Streamliner G2622-LH

A bridge on the neck is the “native”, made by the Adjusto-Matic. The number of frets is 21, and has the type of Medium Jumbo. There are two pickups, which are taken from Broad’Tron models, installed in the “bridge” position near the neck. Guitar controllers are the following: Volume 1 (neck pickup), Volume 2 (bridge pickup) and tone.

  • Body shape: Double cutaway
  • Body type: Semi-hollow or chambered body
  • Body material: Laminated
  • Top wood: Maple
Value for money
Sonic potential
Maybe: high-fret access isn’t as good

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