Top 10 most popular and powerful bass Bluetooth speaker models 2021

You are someone who likes lively, powerful, and detailed sound but does not know which strong bass Bluetooth speaker to choose to satisfy your dance and remix music needs. Don’t worry, this article I will introduce to you the top 10 most popular strong bass Bluetooth speakers in 2021, hope that the following sharing will help you choose the most suitable genuine Bluetooth speaker models!

Quality genuine Bluetooth speakers always give you lively, fresh, energetic music experiences, but finding and buying Bluetooth speakers that suit your interests and needs has never been. Now, it’s simple, because on the market today there are thousands of different Bluetooth speaker models designed with their own outstanding features to suit each user’s needs: from table setting to battery. healthy, beautiful led, large capacity to travel, pool party…

10 Best bluetooth Speakers with bass

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

With a unique, novel design and powerful sound, the Harman Kardon onyx studio 5 speaker is a favorite Bluetooth speaker on the market today. Featuring the signature sound of the Harman Kardon brand, the studio 5 speaker with strong bass, distinctive deep, clear mids, precise highs, in suspension, with drivers including 1 Woofer 12cm and 1 Tweeter 2.5cm delivers extremely impressive full-range sound combined with a capacity of 50W RMS Bi-amp suitable for young music genres, pop, dance, remix…
  • Chic design waterdrop shape with stretch waistpremium fabric for an elegant look.
  • The integrated aluminum handle, in addition to creating a luxurious look, makes it easy to take the speaker anywhere
  • Harman Kardon-branded premium sound quality with 50W total system power and 50Hz – 20kHz frequency response for crystal clear sound.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 standard with A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.6 makes it possible for the speaker to connect 2 mobile devices at the same time to take turns controlling.

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Speaker

The Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 speaker is an upgraded waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker version of the H/K 5 model, bringing with it a classy, ​​sophisticated design, top-notch sound quality, promising to bring you minutes. seconds of great entertainment. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio speaker 6 is designed with a driver consisting of 1 120 mm Woofer and 1 25 mm tweeter combined with a capacity of 50W RMS Bi-amp to deliver a strong, thick bass sound, neat mids, and crisp treble. The class of musical instruments is extremely good value for money.
  • Chic design waterdrop shape with stretch waistpremium fabric for an elegant look.
  • Integrated aluminum handle with IPX7 Waterproof design makes it easy to take the speaker anywhere including pool parties
  • Harman Kardon branded sound quality with a total system power of 50W
  • Bluetooth 4.2 standard helps the speaker to connect 2 mobile devices at the same time to take turns controlling.
  • Analog connection AUX IN (3.5 mm)

JBL Xtreme 3 Speaker

The JBL Xtreme 3 is a high-end model of the JBL speaker brand, delivering vibrant, energetic stereo sound with 4 improved drivers and two Bass Radiators for infinite bass. Together, Xtreme 3 will rock the party scene, delivering a world of explosive music and flaming dances!
  • Powerful, dynamic design
  • Powerful JBL sound with up to 50W
  • Huge battery life up to 15 hours recharges in 2.5 hours
  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof to take it anywhere, from the beach to pool parties
  • Bluetooth 5.1 support for optimal music playback

Harman Kardon Go Play Mini Speaker

Harman Kardon Go Play Mini speaker with modern, compact design and perfect sound quality with extremely powerful bass and quality by 4 drivers: 2x woofers (90mm), 2x tweeters (20mm) help the speaker reproduce Perfectly present full-range sound with powerful power up to 100W, extremely suitable for listening to young musicians, Remi music… In addition, with a unique luxurious design like a handbag, this Bluetooth speaker model likes Perfect for placing in any room, even taking it out with friends is perfect
  • Beautiful design like a luxury handbag with stainless steel strap
  • Impressive full-range sound with 4 premium genuine JBL drivers – (2x woofers (90mm), 2x tweeters (20mm)
  • Powerful sound 100W power with Impressive 80db Signal-to-Noise Ratio for top-notch music listening
  • Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connection delivers perfect sound
  • Talk directly through the speaker

JBL Partybox On The Go Speaker

JBL Partybox On The Go speaker is the most versatile Bluetooth speaker system of speaker brand JBL with stylish design, vibrant powerful sound, and unique lighting, making your party more lively and explosive. JBL Partybox On The Go speaker with the sound system includes 1 133mm woofers and 2 44mm tweeters and Bass Boost mode to expand and enhance bass for stronger and stronger bass. In addition, the speaker comes with 2 microphones for extremely impressive young karaoke singing ability
  • The design of a karaoke bluetooth speaker with beautiful led changes to the musicvery impressive
  • JBL Pro-exclusive sound with deep bass combines precise and detailed full-range sound
  • Comes with 2 quality JBL mics to sing great karaoke instantly for parties, travel, or lemon tea and coffee spaces that are very hot right now in Vietnam
  • The mixer system allows you to easily tune bass, treble and echo to fine-tune your vocals perfectly.
  • IPX4 . water resistant

JBL Boombox 2 Speaker

JBL Boombox 2 speaker is a large-capacity, powerful bass Bluetooth speaker with a stylish, iconic design of the JBL brand. JBL Boombox 2 for outstanding sound quality is equipped with advanced and modern technologies. Equipped with a woofer system and 2 passive basses on both ends of the JBL boombox 2 speaker, providing extremely powerful bass, giving you a feeling of suffocation in the bass notes that are almost no other portable speaker in the same range. market prices can be reached.
  • Stylish design new beautiful new symbol of JBL portable bluetooth speaker
  • New LED system intelligently displays battery status, as well as power and bluetooth mode operating status
  • JBL-branded sound comes to life with more powerful bass than previous boombox versions.
  • Large power: 2x40W RMS (plug in) 2x30W RMS (battery powered)
  • Support 5.1″ bluetooth connection

Sony SRS-XP500 Speaker

Sony SRS-XP500 speaker is Sony’s latest 2021 Bluetooth speaker product, impressive design, the powerful sound created by X-Balanced and Tweeter speaker system to create deeper and stronger bass, clearer vocals, and a completely enhanced listening experience, giving you a great musical feast. Combined with a series of latest audio technologies such as Clear Audio+, DSEE, LIVE SOUND, the Sony SRS-XP500 will be the ideal choice for those who want to own a Bluetooth speaker with strong bass today.
  • Ultra-portable design with dual-ended LEDs, perfect for carrying around parties, travel…
  • SONY brand powerful sound with X-Balanced and Tweeter speaker system delivers impressive sound, promising to blow up your music listening space.
  • Optimize sound for both portrait and landscape placement with a range of built-in audio technologies: Clear Audio+, DSEE, LIVE SOUND
  • IPX4 Waterproof (Protected against splashing water)

JBL Partybox 310 speaker is the most powerful bass Bluetooth speaker worth buying of the JBL brand this year. With beautiful, modern, portable design, brilliant lighting effects for parties, playing exciting. This Partybox 310 speaker model is acoustically engineered with 2 x 6.5 inch (176mm) woofers + 2 x 2.5 inch (65mm) tweeters for impressively powerful sound for deep bass, clear mids, detailed highs, especially with the dedicated Bass boost mode to increase the bass more powerfully when you play dance music, remix.

JBL EON ONE Compact Speaker

– Compact and lightweight portable Bluetooth speaker design easy to carry
– Legendary JBL Professional sound with the highest volume of its class on the market
150W power with frequency response from 37.5Hz to 20 kHz
– Ultra-light device at only 8 kg with an ergonomic handle
– Connecting mics, musical instruments easily with high-end connection ports, making it easy for you to perform, sing karaoke
– Two USB 3.0 ports enable reverse high-speed charging for external electronic devices

JBL EON ONE Compact speaker is JBL’s professional, portable stage speaker model, featuring an extremely powerful and perfect sound system design with 1-inch treble and 8-inch bass specifically designed with the proprietary technology of JBL. The brand for impressive sound and powerful bass giving you a perfect, versatile audio experience. Especially with the ability to connect unique instruments and integrated mixers, the product will be a great choice for those who need a powerful bass Bluetooth speaker that can perform on the go.

Above are: Top 10 most popular, powerful bass Bluetooth speaker models in 2021, hope that these shares can help you choose the perfect quality, genuine Bluetooth speakers, with strong bass. Any comments or questions, you can comment right below to receive the earliest answer.


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