Top 10 B&O Bluetooth Speakers listening to good music, most loved in 2021

Affirming its position in the world audio market, Bang&Olufsen’s BlueTooth speaker models (B&O speakers) are loved by many customers not only because of their unique and impressive design but also because of their unique sound quality. Characteristic phone from  Denmark.

So what are the most popular B&O Bluetooth speakers models today? Let’s find out the article right away:  Top 11 best B&O Bluetooth Speakers to listen to good music, the most popular 2021  here to see which are the most popular B&O Bluetooth speaker models!

In the era of technology development, the need to own genuine, quality Bluetooth speakers is essential. These Bluetooth speaker models not only help you listen to music perfectly, but also have unique designs as decorations, or jewelry to help you create an impressive layout in modern room spaces or bring them with you into the world. equally stylish.

Referring to quality Bluetooth speakers with a unique design, surely you can’t ignore its Bluetooth speaker products Bang & Olufsen – One of the Bluetooth speaker brands that many young people buy on the market. now. These unique B&O (short for  Bang&Olufsen) loa speaker models have a diverse design, suitable for all needs from listening to music indoors, room spaces to listening to outdoor music, travel…

Because of that diversity, choosing the right genuine B&O Bluetooth speaker has never been so simple. In order to help you choose the most genuine and quality B&O speaker models to suit your needs. Musiety would like to introduce to you the list:

Best B&O Bluetooth Speakers to buy


Speaker B&O Beosound Explore Best Values

B&O Beosound Explore is a mini portable Bluetooth speaker, designed specifically for travel, picnic,…With a dynamic, flexible design that comes with a strap and carabiner that can be taken anywhere, along with outstanding water and dust resistance, set the IP67 standard, withstanding water level of 1m for 30 minutes. With a huge battery life of up to 27 hours, you can enjoy listening to music throughout your journey without having to worry about your fun being interrupted by running out of battery.
B&O Beosound A1 2nd Gen

B&O Beosound A1 2nd Gen Speaker Best Values

B&O Beosound A1 2nd Gen is the Bluetooth speaker next generation of the first smart mobile speaker with voice control via virtual assistant Beoplay A1, with a compact design but with a total power of 60W Class D, with convenient strap, outstanding battery life up to 18 hours of music play. With strong IP67 water and dust resistance, the speaker can be submerged in water for 30 minutes to a depth of 1 meter without any problem.
b&o bluetooth speakers

B&O Beoplay P6 Speaker Best Values

B&O Beoplay P6 is a Bluetooth speaker with a compact design just a little more than your hand, luxurious, high-class, with a convenient strap, shockproof, dustproof, and efficient power management technology that allows it. can work continuously for 16 hours after each full charge. The B&O Beoplay P6 portable Bluetooth speaker is impressive with the interior of the speaker. P6 uses 3 amps for a woofer and 2 full-range speakers for a total maximum power of up to 215W for powerful, rich sound.

B&O Beolit ​​20 Speaker Best Values

B&O Beolit ​​20 is a portable Bluetooth speaker with a minimalist Scandinavian design, leather strap, easy to carry anywhere. The combination of power amplifiers and drivers creates 360-degree True sound on the B&O Beolit ​​20 Speaker for a true-to-life audio experience and optimal dispersion in any of your environments.
Top 10 B&O Bluetooth Speakers listening to good music, most loved in 2021

B&O Beoplay M5 Speaker Best Values

B&O Beoplay M5 is a premium wireless Bluetooth speaker exquisitely designed with powerful omnidirectional sound. Although the body is neat, the Beoplay M5 Bluetooth speaker possesses extremely respectable power. Not only a rare 3-way small portable speaker on the market but Beoplay M5 is also equipped with up to 5 sub-speakers, showing a superior luxury compared to competitors in the same segment, giving total capacity. up to 130 watts.

B&O Beosound Level Speaker Best Values

B&O Beosound Level is the ultimate wireless Bluetooth speaker model with a unique design, combining a series of advanced features, such as Bluetooth 5.0; wifi connection, battery for up to 16h continuous music playback, ip54 waterproof, virtual assistant Google… With B&O Beosound Level you can enjoy music in many different ways with stand speaker mode, mode speaker, or wall mount model. Equipped with 5 powerful speakers, promising to bring a lively and balanced experience to listeners.
Top 10 B&O Bluetooth Speakers listening to good music, most loved in 2021

B&O BeoSound 1 Speaker Best Values

B&O BeoSound 1 is a premium wireless Bluetooth speaker with an impressive and eye-catching design, integrated with Google Assistant, for perfect 360 sound. When Beosound 1 is connected to Wifi, you can easily play songs from your device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or NAS box) using various protocols: Bluetooth, Google Cast, and AirPlay, battery for up to 16 hours of music with moderate listening volume.

B&O Beosound Balance Speaker Best Values

B&O Beosound Balance is one of the portable Bluetooth speaker models with an impressive, luxurious design supporting basic connections such as Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, and Google Cast, for Spotify Connect and virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Beosound Balance is integrated with an underground microphone that evaluates the room space during the first setup to create filters to match the level of sound absorption of the performance space, or in other words, the speaker is capable of Self-adjusts to fit any room space.

B&O BeoSound 2 Speaker Best Values

B&O BeoSound 2 is a Bluetooth speaker model with a modern and luxurious design, integrating many modern technologies, outstanding features, smooth and detailed wireless music streaming. 360-degree audio technology for clear and powerful sound from any position. The speaker does not have a built-in battery that can only be used when plugged in. Out of the box with music devices, B&O BeoSound 2 Speaker has a built-in Google Assistant, allowing you to control the speaker with your voice with 5 built-in microphones. You can play music, do Google research, manage daily tasks, and easily control your home’s smart devices with your voice.
Top 10 B&O Bluetooth Speakers listening to good music, most loved in 2021

B&O Beoplay A9 MK4 Speaker Best Values

B&O Beoplay A9 MK4 is the latest version of the legendary A9 bluetooth speaker, stylishly designed with a minimalist but novel and classy design. With a total power of up to 1,500W and a 3.5-way speaker structure, Beoplay A9 MK4 provides a harmonious, balanced tone, detailed and smooth mids and highs, while the bass is deep, solid and powerful. When set to high volume, good performance is possible even in large listening rooms or in an open space.

Above are the Top 11 B&O Bluetooth Speakers to listen to good music, the most popular in 2021, hope that the above sharing will help you get useful information so you can choose for yourself genuine B&O speaker products. , the most suitable quality.


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