What is a music speaker? How to choose the best music speaker

Listening to music is one of the most popular entertainment needs of today’s customers. Today, Musiety will share with you some of the most basic knowledge and concepts to choose the best music speaker or for your personal use and investment amount. Everyone chooses speakers for their own purposes: Some people choose to listen to music “seriously”!

There are also people who like to combine it with watching movies, playing games, or karaoke…but the Article “What is a music speaker? How to choose the best music speaker”, only focuses on the array of devices for the purpose of listening to music. simply, aiming for the ultimate listening experience with the best sound quality!

OK let’s start now!

1/ What is a music speaker?

Music speakers are speakers designed to meet the needs of listening to music, helping to accurately reproduce and amplify the sound that artists and singers want to send to the fake. High-end speakers are often built with high-tech components.

Good music speakers are speakers that can perfectly reproduce full-range sound with super-low distortion in order to help listeners perfectly perceive the sound of songs and music, they are designed suitable for the whole space to be installed, to suit the preferences of the user.

Musical speaker models use 2.0 or 2.1 sound models, usually designed to balance all 3 sound bands (treble, mid, bass), to meet the needs of enjoying music of many different customers. . With not too large capacity, but the music speaker is favored to use selected components with high sophistication, to ensure the fidelity and naturalness of the reproduced sound.

What is speaker
What is speaker
What is speaker

2/ Types of music speakers

2.1 Speaker stand listening to music

standing speakers listening to music, also known as column speakers, font speakers because the speakers have a tall, long shape, are usually cylindrical, and are placed directly on the floor, in front, when playing music. Unlike Bookshelf speakers, they can be placed standing or lying down. Stand-alone speakers usually have a height suitable for normal hearing threshold (the human ear is equivalent to the height of the tweeter) so there is no need to place or put it on a shelf to increase the height.

With stand-alone speaker models with high impedance and high power, the use of suitable music amplifier models will give perfect and different sound quality.

2.2 Bookshelf music speaker

Bookshelf speakers get their name from the small and compact cabinet speakers. First appeared in the US and UK audio markets such as Alec Lansing, JBL, Acoustics Research, Celestion, Leak… At that time, these speakers were often placed on cabinets or bookshelves by listeners. compact size and shape. The name bookshelf speakers were born, usually to refer to small speakers, which must be placed or placed on a flat surface to increase height with the floor and aesthetics.

Later, when it was found that placing or placing it on a cabinet or bookshelf did not bring high sound efficiency, speaker manufacturers designed additional speaker stands for Bookshelf speakers. Speakers were removed from bookshelves and placed on speaker stands. Placing speakers on separate legs is very useful because the legs and speakers can be placed anywhere in the room without being fixed like a bookshelf and the sound quality is maximized.

To this day, people are still used to using the term bookshelf speakers to refer to a pair of small speakers, when playing music, they must place a certain flat surface to improve the height compared to the floor (tabletop, cabinet surface). , bookshelf) which is popular as a speaker stand.

2.3 Loa nghe nhạc Bluetooth

Bluetooth speakers are wireless speakers, are highly portable, and play music via Bluetooth connected to phones and tablets. Portable Bluetooth speakers usually range in size from mini to large and they can be carried when going out, traveling, and picnicking conveniently. These Bluetooth portable speakers, depending on the manufacturer, will have their own features.

For example: Standard water resistance, built-in FM radio, voice control, talk microphone or integrated LED light system that changes color to the music.

The application of Bluetooth speakers can listen to music indoors and outdoors, creating a multi-room sound system at a low cost. Or exciting parties with friends, bring them to organize team building.

2.4 Loa SoundBar nghe nhạc

Soundbar speakers are models of speakers with horizontal ladder shapes, used to pair with TVs for the purpose of increasing the quality of the sound emitted from the TV, bringing more vivid and realistic effects when watching movies, singing karaoke, or also may be listening to music.

SoundBar speakers can be placed on the TV shelf, can be hung on the wall. Soundbars can reproduce stereo or multi-channel sound by echoing technology between walls, creating virtual surround sound. A basic set of Soundbar speakers usually includes 1 long bar speaker and 1 subwoofer (subwoofer) included.

2.5 Wall-mounted music speakers

The common feature of this type of music wall speaker is small, compact, light, and thin. Often used to hang on the wall to increase sound dispersion or create surround sound effects.

2.6 Loudspeakers for wall music

In-wall speakers are placed deep in the wall so that the speaker surface is in the same plane as the wall surface. Mainly listeners use in-wall speakers for sound systems to listen to music and watch movies that require high aesthetics in a modern interior space.

2.7 Ceiling music speakers

The function and installation of in-ceiling speakers are similar to that of in-wall speakers, but instead of being installed on surrounding walls, ceiling speakers are installed on the ceiling, leaving only the speaker to face open.

2.8 speakers for garden music

Outdoor music speakers, also known as garden speakers, are speakers designed to perform music outdoors, in family premises such as porches, yards, gardens, garden pools… Outdoor speakers can be placed directly on the ground or hung up, depending on the needs of use, choose the type with appropriate shape and design. This device is designed to withstand the impact of the outside environment such as rain, wind, sunlight… The design of this speaker line has many shapes, you will see it like a stone.

3/ Some basic terms about music speakers you should know

Here are a few terms that will help you when buying music speakers, so that you can easily choose a pair of high-quality music speakers for your home theater, suitable for your own use.

  • Hertz (HZ): audio frequency Vd (20Hz – 20KHz) understand that the speaker can play music in the range of the lowest audio frequency 20Hz to the highest 20KHz. The lower the number, the heavier the bass and the higher will be only the inner clover
  • Watts: Usually the higher the number, the more power you might expect. This is especially relevant when it comes to the right combination of your music speakers with the right music amp.
  • Speaker: basic music speaker has 4 types:
  • Speaker box: is a box to store the speaker system and crossover circuit, internal capacity, designed with various materials from: wood, aluminum, plastic…
  • Bass reflex: also known as a vent is a hole that is responsible for escaping sound to help the sound when the speaker works and especially the bass becomes more accurate.
  • Bass Radiator (also known as passive bass) is a special bass system that will automatically operate when other drivers are active.

4/ Cách chọn loa nghe nhạc

4.1 Dimensions, form and compatibility with the listening room.

The size of the music speaker must be suitable for the needs of users. Some people like the size of the speaker to coordinate well with the interior of the room. On the contrary, there are people who want the sound system to listen to music to become the “Star” in the room and they do not care about the large or small size of the speakers.

4.2 Compatible with speakers and units

The first is the sensitivity of the music speaker. Sensitivity is an important factor in evaluating the loudness of a speaker at a given amp power level. Speaker sensitivity is measured as sound compression from a distance of one meter when the speaker is supplied with one Watt (W) of power.

To play a 100 dB bar, a speaker with a sensitivity of 80 dB needs a power level of 100 W. A speaker with a sensitivity of 95 dB needs only a 3 W difference in amplifier power to produce the same sound level. For every 3 dB decrease in sensitivity, the amp must have twice the power level to produce the same sound level. Choose speakers with a sensitivity above 90 dB that will be easy to pair with amps. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker, the less power it consumes.

Another factor to pay attention to is the impedance of the speakers. The impedance of the amplifier must be less than the impedance of the speaker, if the speaker impedance is lower, the music amplifier must have a low output impedance and the power must be high. If you choose a low impedance speaker, you must see if your home power amp can pull the speaker or not.

In terms of music, you should choose speakers that sound as natural as possible. It would be a mistake if your CD player or amp sounds more bright and you are trying to find speakers with a soft sound.

4.3 Sở thích nghe nhạc

Before deciding to choose a particular line of music speakers, players need to clearly identify their favorite music genre, thereby finding the right speaker line. Once you have determined your music, you can search for speakers based on the following speaker layout standards: near-field speakers, mid-field speakers, and mid-field speakers. remote (main monitor).

Popular music genres in Vietnam such as Golden music (bolero, lyrical), country music, pop music, lossless, rock music, EDM, dance…

4.4 Noise cancellation ability of music speakers

To know the quality of the speakers you are looking for, you need to try them out before you buy by playing a few pop songs. Choose songs that you already know and are familiar with to make them easier to hear and recognize. The more advanced the music player, the better the quality will be for the standard, honest sound without any noise or crackling in the music.

4.5 Don’t rely solely on specs to buy music speakers

This is the exception, but usually, speakers from companies that specialize in making speakers will generally be better than those from companies that make a variety of electronic devices. The brand is also not a guarantee of quality. Many famous manufacturers 20 years ago are no longer able to compete in the market

Don’t buy speakers based on specs alone. Some products look very good at first glance but ignore many important factors. The quality of the speakers is good or not requires a balance between many factors, can not depend on the parameters of the manufacturer.

Above is the article “What are music speakers? How to choose the best music speakers” hope that the above sharing will help you gain more knowledge to choose for yourself quality genuine music speakers. perfect.


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