What is Baroque music? Benefits and how to listen to high-performance Baroque music

Have you ever wondered what brainwave music does in life? Many people say: alpha brainwave music can help develop the brain of the fetus, music helps increase memory, relax …? So does alpha wave music have such magical effects, or are they just rumors? The fact that scientists have studied and shown that there is a genre of music that helps focus on work, learning while increasing our IQ, EQ, and helping people develop the brain, is Baroque. If you still have doubts, let’s go with Musiety to find out what Baroque music is. And the benefits of this particular Baroque!

1/ What is baroque music?

What is baroque music? The word “baroque” in Portuguese means “ugly pearl”. Proven to help increase memory, creativity and reduce stress. Baroque is a genre of classical music that was popular in the 17th-18th centuries. This was the period when classical music was extremely developed with eminent musicians such as Bach, Vivaldi,…with a rhythm of  60 beats per minute: heart rate, blood pressure, and brain waves all relaxed to the beat of the music. Heart rate slows, blood pressure decreases, beta brain waves decrease by 6% while alpha brain waves (suitable for learning and memory) increase by 6%. At the same time, listening to baroque music while studying will make you smarter and more focused.

1.1/ Experiments on Baroque music

There is a lot of research on Baroque music (alpha brainwave music) and the real effects of this music. Prominent among them is the experiment of the famous Bulgarian psychologist Dr. Georgi Lozanov. He had volunteers listen to Baroque music while learning foreign languages.

As a result, after 1 day, the volunteers were able to remember 92% of the 1000 words. This rather large number is equal to the number of words that an average student has to go through in a semester. Not only that, the volunteers were able to remember the number of words for at least 4 years without needing to review them.

It is because of the great effect that universities, companies, and large corporations all play this type of music. And people came to the conclusion that “Baroque music is to help focus on studying, music stimulates the brain effectively”

1.2/ Baroque music – Alpha brainwave music

According to brain studies, when the human body is in different states, there will be different waves. In which there are 4 basic types of waves emitted by the brain, emitting 4 basic types of waves, including Alpha (α), Beta (β), Delta (δ), and Gamma (γ) waves corresponding to the body states. different body.

Alpha waves (α):  have a frequency of  8-12 Hz and involve the right hemisphere of the brain. This wave is emitted when the brain is in a relaxed state, which is an ideal state for the brain to function well to think and study. The brain will work well to solve complex problems, absorb new knowledge easily, remember more and longer, and help increase the depth of thinking. This type of wave is usually measured in people who are creative, mentally relaxed, and active.

Beta wave (β):   is a type of brain wave that plays a role in helping the brain stay focused, but if you focus on work or study too much, people are prone to stress, tension, fatigue… Beta waves measure in people who are in a state of alertness, thinking logically, or concentrating on one task. People who are often stressed tend to emit the most beta waves.

Delta wave (δ):  Delta wave has a frequency from 0.5 to 4 Hz, although it has a low frequency its amplitude of oscillation is the highest. When people are in a state of deep sleep, they do not dream. Wave Delta has been used to treat insomnia for a long time.

Gamma waves (γ):  with a frequency of 25-100 Hz, the highest frequency among the 4 types of waves. Gamma waves appear when people experience increased emotions, processing information to a great extent with a supernatural spirit. Gamma waves are measured in geniuses with innate abilities in music, poetry, etc., or enlightened monks, with transcendental spirit.

“Listening to Baroque music – music to focus the mind helps stay awake (relaxed alertness) – the optimal state for studying and working”

2/ Benefits of Baroque music

Baroque music has an alpha life step, also known as alpha-brainwave music, so it brings a lot of positive effects to listeners such as relaxation at work, stimulating thinking, focusing on learning to be effective. higher.

Increase memory, develop intelligence

Other songs have slow rhythms that make us relax and clear our minds. Music helps to focus on learning and music is good for memory, memorization will be more frequent and better. Listening regularly for 30 days in a row will become a habit and help stimulate intellectual development.

Baroque music also affects the brain, Beta brain waves decrease by 6% and Alpha brain waves increase by 6%. And with the increasing amount of human knowledge, people increase their ability to remember and learn new knowledge. Music increases baroque memory to focus on working and studying effectively.

Increase concentration

Baroque music has melodies but doesn’t follow any rules so that we can predict it and really, whether you subconsciously or consciously try to memorize a baroque song, it’s not easy. easy. Therefore, when listening to music to focus on learning the baroque, your brain will have to work more, it has to focus more to listen and try to remember the sounds in the music, and the state of complete concentration This is the best time to absorb any information.

Help you be more creative

You will not expect that listening to baroque music regularly will stimulate creativity to develop, enrich your soul, and maximize your imagination.

Helps to wake up the body and reduce stress.

Behind the effects of Baroque memory-enhancing music that few people know. That is: The number of beats is always kept steady at 60 beats/minute. This helps the body to be regulated, the heart rate to be stable, and reduce stress and anxiety.

In addition to helping you memorize better, increase your IQ … Baroque music also helps to relax, relieve stress. Why so? Research indicates that: When the body is tired and sleepy, the brain will emit Delta wavelengths, and Alpha wave baroque music will help the brain switch the brain state to Alpha, helping to reduce stress, the body becomes more alert. , more healthy.

Helps regulate heart rate and blood pressure

Baroque music helps the heart function normally, blood pressure stabilizes, reduces fatigue and stress, thereby helping the body stay healthy, helping the body recover quickly.

Increase IQ and memory for children

According to experts, when children are in the womb until they go to school, they develop quite quickly, especially the brain. Many mothers let their children listen to baroque music to make them smarter while in the womb. This helps children’s brains develop, stimulates creativity and thinking, thereby giving a higher memory capacity. That’s why many children are born quite intelligent.

Learn English better

Like the research of Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Baroque music actually stimulates the brain, good for learning English, making the memorization process easier.

Stimulate brain, relax learning

In the process of studying, especially studying for exams, the left brain will have to work with intense intensity. The question is that while the left brain is working at maximum capacity, the right brain has nothing to do and that’s when it will “play”. This is the main reason why sometimes when you are concentrating on studying, you will suddenly “daydream”, imagine miscellaneous things, and often look into the distance. – Baroque music helps to increase intelligence

When we listen to music, too, no matter what music you listen to, what genre of music, the brain tends to hear, feel and remember it, however, songs or ordinary music can the melody and lyrics are quite easy to remember, if you pay close attention, you will see that just listening to a song once or twice is enough for you to remember all the song’s melody and part of the lyrics already!

Therefore, the brain does not have to work too much, there is no need to try to concentrate on remembering information. On the contrary, for baroque music, it is different, baroque music also has melodies but not according to any rules, we cannot predict the next melodies of the music. Thanks to that, it will continue to have to operate at full capacity, focusing as much as possible to recognize and process information.

3/ How to choose an amp to listen to good Baroque music

Many people know the benefits of Baroque music for the brain, but do not know how to listen to Baroque music properly, so the effect is not high. Why? If you listen to baroque music with computer speakers, laptops, phones, or other cheap speakers, the effect is almost zero. So, what kind of music player should I choose?

There are two ways to help you listen to Baroque music effectively: using Headphones and listening to music with a professional music amplifier and speakers.

  • With Headphone, you just need to connect it to your phone and listen to it, good quality headphones will sound clearer.
  • With a Baroque music amplifier, you should choose a high-end amp and speaker for the most vivid, full and vivid sound. The amplifier line and speakers at HD Radio ensure that the sound of the tracks will have the same frequency as the Headphone and the music will interfere with the right frequencies for you to feel the most clearly.

Cách chọn amply và loa nghe nhạc Baroque cần đảm bảo các tiêu chí:

  • Genuine amplifier, high quality, good sound amplification (should choose an amplifier that specializes in listening to music, not   karaoke amplifier  )
  • Must be a professional music speaker connected to the correct standard amplifier, arrange the speakers properly so that the sound goes in the right direction. music efficiency.
  • Listening in a quiet space is best, the room is equipped with a sound absorption system so that the music waves do not bounce back and interfere with alpha waves, so the brain reduces the effect of baroque music.

Above are the ways to choose the most basic Baroque music device. After choosing the device, you need to know how to listen to baroque music properly and find the standard original trio songs (not the Baroque songs that are rampant on youtube, because not all of them are music. Ba Roc So choosing music and listening is also quite important, so Musiety will suggest you some musicians and how to listen to standard Baroque music.


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