Yamaha CGS102A Review — Half-Size, Full Value

Yamaha has been producing musical instruments for more than a hundred years already. Although the company had never been aiming exactly the beginners, it has some decent guitars for new players.

Yamaha Corporation

Although people usually confuse Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Company, musical instruments, produced by the first one are still the most recognizable in the World. The guitars by Yamaha are available in all price categories for all types of players. Yamaha CGS102A is one of the most popular budget guitars among the beginners. Here is why.

Physical characteristics

The first thing worth doing is taking a look at the guitar`s dimensions, material and strings. It will help with understanding of basic concepts of device`s suitability in your personal case.

MaterialThere is a wide range of materials used in this guitar. Body top is performed of spruce wood (which is similar to mahogany, that is used in professional guitars of higher class), back and sides are performed out of meranti, then there is a nato wood neck and sonokeling fingerboard. This guitar might feel a little strange at first, because of such an unusual composition of materials, but after getting used to it, you`ll understand that it is comfortable enough.
DimensionsThe guitar is 18.98’’*40.63’’*5.12’’ (which is 482*1032*130 in millimeters). This is a half-sized guitar. It means that it will be a nice pick for teenagers (10-17 years old) and ladies. However smaller children might have some issues playing it, because neck is a little bit to wide.
StringsThis guitar comes with nylon strings. They are soft and are really easy to play. It means that children can handle playing it (no scratches on fingertips, which may be caused by harder metal strings). On the other hand, they require a lot of tuning and provide less juicy sound. This is OK, if you are starting, but will need an upgrade as soon as you feel, that you are progressing.

So, summing this paragraph up, I can say that Yamaha CGS102A is a decent guitar for a beginner. It has on original material choice, which is rather durable, soft strings comfortable to play for the beginners and size, perfect for younger players.

Testing Sound

Not much was expected from this guitar, as it is still half-sized budget model, but the test results were rather decent. Here are the main pros, I would like to point out:

  • Rich tones. Despite the nylon strings can not provide a loud sound, they manage to perform nicely in terms of tonality. It means that the sound is clean and each string can be heard individually, nothing mashes up.
  • Nice adjustability. Although nylon strings do not stay tuned for longer than several hours, in this very model they sound really nice when tuned in. I mean that whichever tuning you pick, the guitar will sound exactly as it has to,

Although it felt nice to play this guitar, not all the users had had positive experience. They usually claim that it takes too much time to tune this guitar and that this device is not durable enough. I`ve found several negative feedback reports, saying that Yamaha CGS102A was completely spoiled after falls or getting wet.

Other Considerable Picks

Although CGS102A is a nice purchase, the market has a lot of options, so it is worth to at least take a look at them before making the final decision. Here are some alternatives to this model, that you should think about as well:

Corboda Guitars ½ AcousticThis guitar comes at a little higher cost, but it has some slightly higher value as well. The body is a bit more durable and strings hold tuning for a little longer, but it is pretty much the same guitar. It however has smaller body, which makes it more convenient for younger players.
Yamaha CGS 103A ¾This is so to say the elder sister of CGS 102A. This guitar is noticeably bigger and is closer to the original classical acoustic guitars. It has juicier and cleaner sound, but is not as easy to play.
Yamaha CGS102A – NaturalWell, it is the same model, but available in different sizes with different stings. I`ve placed it in the list, because if you are going to be upgrading later on, you`ll have a perfect opportunity to use the same model, but better. ¾ sized and full-sized model with metal strings are available.

There are other models on the market as well, so feel free to choose whichever model you like.

Summing Things up

So, in conclusion I would like to say about the most important stuff about this guitar. CGS102A is an OK choice for a beginner, who wants to study playing guitar, especially for children, teenagers and ladies. It has soft nylon strings which are easy-to-play, small body that sits in hands really comfortably and is affordable, so the purchase won`t hurt your budget a lot. On the other hand, it will require upgrading in several months, so consider that in advance.

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  1. Lisbeth
    Very affordable classical guitar competition. On kind of very modest, the classic design. Affordable price. Everything about the sound, it is very clean and pronounced, especially if it is properly removed. Suitable for both self-study and music institutions.
  2. Alex
    In my opinion, it is definitely an interesting tool that can be bought for little money. Guitar, though modest in appearance, but with excellent sound and comfortable in use. A good option for any person who has different levels of playing the guitar.
  3. Lisa
    Cithara est iustus eximius!Amant ludere.In articulo vos mos legit omnia de eo.Dedi ad natalem amici.Et ego dico tibi,-melius est quam ultrices cithara.Musica tangit eius cor et anima.

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