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There are two types of guitars for beginners. The first one is for people who think of music as of hobby, the second is more suitable for those, who want to study music in more professional way. Yamaha GS103A belongs to the second type.

Several Words about Yamaha

Yamaha is the World`s largest musical equipment manufacturer. It was founded in 1887 in Japan and had been successfully working ever since. Yamaha has the widest range of guitars, which means that it has some great stuff to offer to beginners.

Technical Characteristics

First things first, let us talk about what this guitar is built of, what its` dimensions are and so on.

MaterialYamaha CGS103A has spruce top, nato bottom, sides and neck, and rosewood fretboard. The model is balanced. It sits in hands conveniently and is durable enough to withstand all the beginner`s struggles.
DimensionsThe guitar is 575*90*48 mm. These are not the most common dimensions, they lay somewhere between a half-sized and full-sized guitar. This is convenient for children of school age. However, it will not be a problem for adults as well to play it, especially that different-sized models are available.
StringsThe model comes with default aluminium strings. They are OK in terms of playability. However, they might not be suitable for children, teenagers and ladies. Therefore basic strings might be replaced with nylon ones.

Yamaha CGS 103A is a nice and reliable device. It is suitable for beginners, who want to start learning guitar playing academically. Another thing is that it will only be serving properly for several years, in other words this device`s potential is OK for beginners, but leaves no space for professional growth.

Sound Test

Yamaha`s guitar provides decent sound. It is not the loudest or the cleanest one, but everything is good enough for learning the music`s basics and correcting the mistakes. Here is the short summary of what the brightest sides of this guitar are.

  • Balanced sound. The spruce body top is really similar to the same tops in professional guitars. Sides and back of nato wood are almost as good as mahogany ones. This material makes resonance of sound not distorted at all.
  • Dynamism of playing. Structure of strings allows to play the guitar in both fast and slow manners. So, it will be possible to learn more styles using one device only.

Stuart, 26, guitarist

  • I`ve been playing guitar for 6 years already. I`ve had four different ones already, but I still remember my first guitar. It was Yamaha CGS 103A. People talk a lot about Yamaha`s production on the internet. The quality has always been claimed to be decent, so I didn`t hesitate about purchasing this exact model a lot. I can for sure say that my first experience in guitar playing was positive. Learning was rather easy, and there were never problems with the guitar, so I can for sure recommend it to all the beginners out there.

Considerable opponents

Although CGS103A is a nice pick for the beginner (and the most popular one as well), there are other nice guitars on the market as well. Therefore, let us take a look at what else is suggested.

Fender ECS 80 Educational 3/4Although Fender`s corporation isn`t as old as Yamaha, it is still a solid one. Fender`s educational guitar is another example of a balanced budget device for the beginners. This one has 18 frets (which means a better playability later on) and a gig bag included in price. It`s not that big of an advantage, but a nice bonus.
Yamaha CS 40 IICS 40 II is a ¾ sized guitar. The main difference with CGS103A is that this one isn`t a completely education-oriented guitar. It is still used by children and students a lot, but it is not as easy to play as its` “sister”.
Thomann Classic Guitar 3/4If the previous models` main purpose is to teach people to play guitar, this one is the classical guitar of full-value. Its` size makes it convenient for smaller players to practice. So, if you are already feeling confident with playing educational guitars, try this one. It is harder to play for sure, but the sound quality is much higher.

Educational guitars do not differ one from another that much. It is only matter of tastes and goals which one you pick. Therefore, try concentrating on learning more than on picking device.

Summing things up

Yamaha CGS103A is one of the best choices for beginners. It provides decent sound balance and opportunities at reasonable cost. Although it has no major advantages, it has not any huge disadvantages as well. The device was designed exactly for making learning process easy, but not for recording super great hits. If you are going to develop in music field, you`ll need to upgrade the guitar you`re playing in ten-twelve months. However, the price is not high at all, so the purchase is affordable for any student.

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