Yamaha JR 2 Review – For the Beginners

Yamaha`s Junior Series has been developed for beginning players and travelers. They are compact guitars that are easy to play and carry. Let us take a closer look at what the latest models exactly are and how they perform.

Yamaha Music

Yamaha Music is a Japanese manufacturing company, that has been creating musical instruments of all kinds for more than a hundred years already. It is mostly known for its` synthesizers and guitars. Although the first guitars had been designed for experienced players, the range of Yamaha`s production has increased a lot since the company had been established. Now the company suggests a wide range of guitars for beginners.

Junior 2 – Technical Characteristics

So, there are several modifications of Yamaha Junior 2, I`ll be talking mostly about ¾ acoustic guitar, which is by far the most popular of them. I`ll mention Junior 2S and Junior ½ as well, but a bit a later. Without further hesitation let us take a look at Junior`s 2 ¾ from physical point of view.

Material Yamaha`s engineers have chosen great combination of materials for this one. The Junior 2 has a spruce top, meranti back and sides, rosewood fretboard and neck and neck of natowood. Although it might look like that this a bit too much of different wood kinds for one guitar, everything is put together in a reliable way. Of course, the guitar won`t survive hard hitting or swimming in the sea, but the durability is on a decent level. The comfort of sitting in hands is high as well.
Dimensions As you could`ve understood already, ¾ in the name stands for comparison of this guitar to normal-sized one. So, Junior 2 is smaller than usual guitar. Its` dimensions are 6 * 43 * 21 inches (which is 152 * 1092 * 533 in millimeters). The guitar is comfortable to play for both adult players (though it might be a bit unusual) and the children. It is also worth mentioning that carrying this guitar is easier, as it is lighter than regular-sized analogues.
Strings The guitar has regular metal strings, which might make it a bit inconvenient to play for the very beginners or players with sensitive hands. On the other hand, metal strings are better in terms of tuning. There is always an option to replace them with nylon ones as well.

So, summing everything said above up, I can say that Yamaha Junior ¾ is a comfortable guitar, durable and convenient to carry and play. Beginners might have some issues with metal strings, but getting used to it is only a matter of time.

Talking about the way this guitar sounds it is possible to point out the following aspects:

  • Powerful tones. The spruce top with ultra-thin finish does its` job, providing the high level of resonance and sensibility.
  • Strong highs. Well, they are strong, there is not much to say about it.

The guitar is easier to play, than the classical acoustic version. Adding this to the fact that it is compact and comfortable as well, we get Junior 2 ¾ acoustic – a guitar that is really nice for the beginners.

Other Junior Guitars

Although Junior 2 ¾ is popular, other Junior models from Yamaha are worth taking a look at as well. Here they are:

Junior Guitars
Yamaha Junior 1 Junior 1 is an earlier version of Yamaha`s Junior Series. It has a bit different material. The main difference is the steel strings. They are rather hard and inconvenient to play for the beginner. However, they stay tuned for a longer time. The size of this guitar is ¾ as well, which makes the comfort of playing for younger players high as well.
Yamaha Junior 2 ½ Size Yamaha Junior 2 ½ is almost a full copy of its` bigger ¾ version. It has the same material, the same strings, but the size is even smaller. So, even the very beginners and the youngest players (under 10 years) will have no troubles with handling it. This one is also really suitable for campers and travelers due to the small weight and convenient gig bag. Not as compact as ukulele, but really close to that.
Yamaha Junior 2S S in the name stands for spruce which is the main material in this guitar`s body. Spruce provides deeper tones in comparison to other body materials and sits in hands conveniently.

All the Yamaha`s guitars are convenient and suitable for beginners. A choice only depends on your personal preferences. Whichever you pick, a comfort will be high, so learning process will go smoothly.


The time has come to make final conclusion about the whole Junior Series from Yamaha and Junior ¾ particulary. So here is the most important information:

  • Junior series is a series of Yamaha`s guitars developed for beginners, children and travelers.
  • There are several models, Yamaha Junior 2 ¾ is the most universal among them.
  • Other Junior guitars are convenient and light as well, they provide a comfortable level of playability and decent sound quality.

So, feel free to choose whichever Junior guitar you like and start practicing or travelling with comfort without extra expenses.

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